Another unfair rap on Cain

Everyone is making a big deal about Herman Cain’s supposedly incompetent answer to a newspaper editorial board about Obama’s intervention in Libya. Thus the New York Times opines:

Herman Cain became badly flustered on Monday when asked to assess President Obama’s policy toward Libya, raising new questions about his command of foreign policy as he lurched over five minutes from awkward pauses to halting efforts to address the issue.

I disagree. As can be seen in the video of the interview, he initially hesitates and changes direction a couple of times, and then settles into an answer which is adequate by conventional standards on Libya. At no point is he flustered. He gives the impression of being tired (just as his campaign spokesman said), and having difficulty mustering his thoughts at first. But throughout he is calm and reasoned.

The worse offense in my mind is that Cain is drinking out of a bottle. Evidently it didn’t occur to his hosts to give him, a presidential candidate, a glass so that he could drink like a civilized human being, and it didn’t occur to him to ask for one.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 15, 2011 07:08 AM | Send

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