A standard black apologia for the rioters

A black woman in Britain, Lola Adesioye, defends the black race riot:

What’s even sadder, however, is that I—as a black British female—am not surprised [by the riots]. Neither are my other black British friends who I have spoken to who now reside in the US. This has been a long time coming. It’s even why some left in the first place.

The shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan on Thursday August 2nd was the catalyst for this violence. Duggan was shot and killed in Tottenham, a deprived part of North London with a large black population by a specialist unit of London’s police force called Operation Trident. [LA replies: She said, right out of West Side Story, that they’re depraved because they’re deprived. In reality, wherever blacks live in large numbers is automatically “deprived,” because blacks are generally incapable on their own of creating prosperity and order. So the problem is not that blacks are “deprived,” which makes it sound as though some external, malign force were depriving them; the problem is blacks’ own limitations.] In Tottenham, tensions between the police and young people young black men in particular have been high for years. In fact, the area is well known for a major riot that took place in 1985. The Broadwater Farm riots, as they are known, also occurred in response to controversial incidents involving police and black people.

Operation Trident which was set up in 1998 to specifically deal with gun crime related to drug activity within London’s black community—is itself controversial among some sections of the black community. [LA replies: It’s controversial in some sections of the black community because, as I’ve explained, the black community consists largely of criminals and of the friends, relatives, and co-racialists of criminals, and therefore is automatically anti-police.] Even though Trident was set up by black activists to tackle so-called black-on-black killings, few of the police officers within the unit are black, and some see Trident as being just another way in which the police can oppress young black men who are already disproportionately targeted for criminal behavior….

Statistics will tell you that while, superficially, people of all races may live side by side in inner city areas (as they certainly don’t in London’s wealthier areas), there is a major lack of opportunity for them. Black people are underrepresented in all areas of public British life from politics, to economics; educationally, we lag far behind [because you are significantly less intelligent and significantly less enterprising], and we are overrepresented in crime and incarceration [because you commit vastly more crime and violence than other races].

So it goes, with Lola Adesioye.

It’s so staggering. America had a black problem from the very beginning of its history, because of the importation of slaves. This was a terrible, tragic weight on America. All white Americans born from the 18th century on had not caused the problem, they inherited it. But Britain historically had no black population. Britain began allowing blacks to immigrate after World War II. They didn’t have to have a black problem. They were not fated by their oldest history to have a black problem. They voluntarily took on a black problem. And now they have “black British” people such as Lola Adesioye telling them that the insoluble poverty, disorder, and criminality of blacks is white Britain’s fault. Well, it is, in one sense—that white Britain allowed in all those blacks in the first place.

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An Indian living in the West writes:

It seems that in almost every multi-racial society blacks end up at the bottom. I would ask this woman to identify one society on earth which is multiracial and in which blacks are not at the bottom of the pile. Even in Africa, the businesses these days are owned and run by Indians and Chinese. East Africa actually experienced pogroms against Indians because they were perceived as controlling everything and this incurred the wrath of the black majority. Idi Amin’s Uganda was a classic case in point. In Zimbabwe, despite years of black dictatorship and anti-white oppression, the wealth is still in the hands of the tiny white minority.

If blacks cannot run businesses in societies where they are the majority, what makes them think they will be able to do so in countries where they are a minority? In Britain, successive years of disastrous immigration policies have brought in multitudes of immigrants from all over the place. Yet blacks end up being at the bottom even though the white majority has historically detested all immigration, including Indian, Chinese, Afro-Caribbean, African, Pakistani, etc.

The Chinese are an interesting case in Britain. They were almost all just as poor as the blacks when they arrived as immigrants. And yet today they have the highest per capita income and educational attainment of any ethnic group in Britain. How did this happen? Is it that the white British majority is not racist against Chinese but racist against blacks? Not likely.

Blacks complain and whine in every country. I am amazed at the extent to which white Westerners are willing to prostrate themselves before this one ethnic group and take the blame for all their failures. But it is precisely this which makes it impossible for anyone in the black community even to suggest that blacks try some self help for a change. If you can always identify an external cause for failure, no introspection is ever required and you never make an effort at improving yourself. This also serves the liberals well. There is one permanent failure case that they can use for browbeating the majority and continuously use it to prove their own moral superiority.

LA replies:

I’m fascinated by the implication of your last point. Let’s say that liberals wanted to subvert their confident, very well functioning society and turn it into a leftist, broken-down, dependent society. What is the surest way of doing so? Bringing in lots of blacks. The very presence of the blacks, along with their failures and disorders (that is, failures and disorders relative to the standards of the host society), assures that the racism of the white majority will be blamed as the cause of the blacks’ problems. The white majority will be convinced of their own guilt, of their own need to subsidize and accommodate and yield to the blacks in all things in constant expiation of that guilt. As a result, a once confident, well-functioning society is turned, in two or three generations, into a basket case—like today’s Britain.

Bring a significant number of blacks into a white, liberal society (as Britain was in the late 1940s and afterward), and you assure its demoralization and ruin.

I explore the logic of this process from a slightly different angle in my 1994 speech, “Multiculturalism and the War Against White America.”

August 10

Paul T. writes:

You wrote:

She said, right out of West Side Story, that they’re depraved because they’re deprived.
Thanks, Larry, you gave me my only really good laugh of the day.

Our mothers all are junkies
Our fathers all are drunks
Golly Moses, naturally we’re punks!

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