Muslims planned to set off suicide bombs in IRT trains in midtown Manhattan last September

The story is reported by CNN with that same neutral affectless tone we expect from the responsible mainstream media when they are telling about jihadist mass killers. The same tone I spoke of last month in a prevous entry on the same case, which I quote following the CNN article.

Here’s CNN:

Source: Terror plot targeted Times Square, Grand Central stations

New York (CNN)—The three men accused of plotting to bomb the New York City subway last year planned to attack trains at Times Square and Grand Central stations, a federal law enforcement source said Monday.

Najibullah Zazi and his two co-defendants wanted to inflict maximum casualties around the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the source said.

The trio, wearing homemade bombs, plotted to position themselves in the middle of busy subway cars in order to kill the most people, probably targeting the 1, 2, 3, or 6 line trains, the source said.

Since his arrest, Zazi has given authorities information about the plot. The law enforcement source said Zazi would probably have chosen September 14 for the attack, but was also considering the September 15 or 16.

Zazi’s co-defendants, Adis Medunjanin and Zarein Ahmedzay, are indicted in the plot and have pleaded not guilty.

All three men went to the same high school in Flushing, Queens, New York.

The plot was foiled when the FBI began following Zazi and police stopped him on a bridge into New York. Zazi said that prompted him to dump his bomb materials and return to Denver, Colorado, where he was working as a shuttle driver, authorities said.

Prosecutors have said they plan one or two more arrests overseas.

Zazi is scheduled for sentencing in June.

Here’s VFR, March 5, 2010:

But for the good fortune that Scotland Yard last year intercepted an e-mail from a senior al-Qaeda member in Pakistan to 24 year old U.S. immigrant Najibullah Zazi giving him instructions on how to carry out a suicide attack, Zazi would have set off a backpack bomb on a New York City subway during rush hour last September consigning scores of people to a horrible death. Notwithstanding the many news stories on Zazi’s arrest and trial since last September, there has been a routine, almost affectless quality about them. No strong public opinion was aroused by the near mass murder, just as there had been no strong reaction to a similar narrowly averted mass murder in the New York City subways in 1996. The story was presented in such a way that it had no meaning beyond itself, did not point to anything beyond the bare recitation of the facts of the case. And what is that “beyond”? It is the reality that we have allowed people who are religiously commanded to kill us, and to give their moral and financial support to people who kill us, to enter our country and become our fellow citizens; and they now walk about among us, a regular and familiar part of our society.

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James P. writes:

From the CNN story:

“All three men went to the same high school in Flushing, Queens, New York.”

Yep, that’s the only thing they had in common. Nothing else, and especially not their religion. Nothing to see here, no cause for alarm, no general conclusions can be drawn. Everybody be on the lookout for Flushing high school grads prepared to commit totally inexplicable “random acts” of one sort or another.

As we are incapable of learning from experience, or acting rationally to defend ourselves, the bad guys get to keep trying again and again until they finally succeed. It’s always Eloi hunting season during the Destruction of Empire!

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