As Britain breaks down, the Muslims are empowered

While Godless Capitalist is declaring that it’s all over, the former leftist and still counterculturalist Jeff in England also fears it’s all over. He sends me an item from the Telegraph about a new Tory report on family breakdown, schools failure, and soaring youth crime, of which he says:

It is near impossible for a culture with these sorts of problems to fight against an invading culture with the moral focus of Islam. In other words the secular West is not in a state to repel the advance of Islam. Muslims in the West must be grinning ear to ear when they read articles like these.

They know that after hundreds of years of military defeat to the West, they are in a position, via immigration and a strongly focused religious framework, to make serious inroads into both the weakened Western mindset and its political framework.

Jeff’s description of the synergy between Britain’s Islamization problem and its internal social decay is right on. I say to Jeff that Britain, and the rest of the West as well, is like an alcoholic whose self destructive behaviors have brought him to the point of death. Only a radical reformation, a radical renunciation of what he now is, can save him.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 12, 2007 05:57 PM | Send

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