Baseball team officially celebrates homosexuality

Tim W. writes:

I was watching O’Reilly’s show the other night and he had a segment on the San Diego Padres dedicating a night to the celebration of homosexuality.. This naturally didn’t sit well with some fans, and it particularly angered many parents because the Padres management actually scheduled the homosexual event on the same night as a kid’s promotion, where children were given free baseball caps and other merchandise. The discussion on O’Reilly mostly focused on this latter aspect, with the attitude being that they should have scheduled the homosexual celebration for another night.

It seemed as if no one wanted to ask the obvious question, which was what does homosexuality, or any sexuality, have to do with a baseball game? What possible logical reason could there be for dedicating a baseball game to the celebration of a particular sexual fetish?

I think one of the reasons we are constantly compelled to celebrate homosexuality is that homosexuals themselves know that their behavior is unnatural. Adultery and sex outside of marriage (fornication in Biblical terms) are acts which many religions regard as sinful, but they don’t literally violate the rules of nature. Thus, adulterers and fornicators don’t feel the need to demand special nights to celebrate their conduct at ball games, or insist on marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade under adulterer or fornicator banners.

Homosexuals do make these demands, though. I think it’s akin to the tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes. The emperor was in fact nude, but he had been told that he was wearing fine attire that only the best and brightest could see. Since everyone wanted to belong to this elite class, they all claimed to see the clothes. With everyone pretending, things went fine and the king felt fully dressed, But when a child who didn’t know the rules (political correctness, when you think about it) shouted that the king was nude, the whole facade came down.

Homosexuals know their sexuality isn’t normal, but they wish to pretend otherwise. This requires constant positive reinforcement. An attitude of “live and let live” simply isn’t good enough. They need for their sexual perversity to be constantly celebrated and honored, even in venues where it has no relevance whatsoever. So even a baseball game becomes a “celebration” of homosexuality. A single person dissenting is enough to ruin everything for them, so all contrary views must be prohibited. We saw that this week when Dr. James Holsinger, President Bush’s nominee for Surgeon General, was forced by the despicable Senator Kennedy to recant his prior writings calling homosexuality unnatural and unhealthy.

One wonders what prior generations would have said if they had been told that a nominee would have to declare homosexual acts to be natural and healthy to win Senate confirmation in the year 2007.

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Laura W. writes;

Tim W.’s comments on homosexuality were excellent. Many nice people support homosexual “rights” in the hope that this will ameliorate the psychological distress of homosexuals. Nothing ultimately will alleviate this distress. Not gay marriage, not hundreds of non-discrimination statutes, not stacks of children’s books about Heather and her two mommies. At least when homosexuality was practiced secretly, the homosexual’s own sense that what he was doing was wrong corresponded to the way he acted. There is nothing kind or generous about openly celebrating homosexuality. It’s a selfish act by the “heterosexual community.”

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