The very existence of historically white societies is evil

Which ineluctably means, that the very existence of white people as white people in any community in which they form the numerical majority and the majority culture is evil.

And understand this: not a single mainstream conservative in America will oppose that idea.

These thoughts are triggered by an e-mail from Kathlene M., who writes:

Although Minnesota must implement budget cuts to education, the state apparently has enough money to send teachers to a white guilt conference. Katherine Kersten of the Star Tribune comments:

The conference is “built on the premise that the U.S. was started by white people, for white people,” according to conference materials. Its mission is to get participants to confront their biases in a “journey in understanding white supremacy, whiteness, privilege, power and oppression,” and to “agree to take action in [their] own circle of power.”

According to liberals it’s a crime for white people to have a country for white people. A list of the sponsors includes two Lutheran universities: Gustavus Adolphus and Augsburg College. Nothing like having WASPs undermine their own culture. The conference is led by an earring-adorned “community educator” named Paul Kivel who, although white (and Jewish), devotes his life to “social justice” for everyone except whites. This is something I’d expect here in California, not in the Midwest.

LA replies:

“This is something I’d expect here in California, not in the Midwest.”

Where have you been? These anti-white teachings have been an established part of Amercan education, as well as of corporate diversity training, for at least 20 years. Check out my 2004 article at FrontPage Magazine, “Anti-Racism: the Mailed Fist of Multiculturalism.”

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Kathlene M. writes:

You asked, “Where have you been” over the last 20 years when this anti-white indoctrination was occurring? I was oblivious, like so many Americans, because I was no longer in the schools or universities during that time. Only now because I have children in the public schools do I see what’s happened. California schools were once some of the finest schools in the nation, but are now at the bottom thanks in part to social justice dominating the curriculum at the expense of reading, writing, arithmetic, and traditional American history.

Mark Jaws writes:

Let’s face it. Most of the leading figures of the white bashing movement are Jews, to include Tim Wise and Noel Ignatiev, the self-proclamied “race traitor.” Having leftist Jews, particularly Russian Jews (my ancestry) teach about white American history, is like having the IRA telling the story of the British people.

LA replies:

Because of Jewish energy and activism, Jews are going to be among the leading figures in any cutting edge movement. Leftist Jewish zealotry and anti-whiteness make the problem worse. But if none of the Jews existed, the same movement of white suicide would still exist.

April 12

Alan Levine writes:

Am a little behind the times (I’ve been teaching and trying to work on my next book), but I noticed the exchange over the white guilt issue and your mention of Paul Kivel.

I appreciated your sensible remarks to Mark Jaws about the Jewish connection.

Kivel is a complete psychopath and his book, “Uprooting Racism,” is a perfect specimen of what you were discussing. I can heartily recommend it to anyone on that basis!

Something about this reminds me of Anna Freud’s sardonic comment after being let go by the Nazis. “I can recommend the Gestapo to anyone.” Of course, that may be a bit unfair, as Kivel and company are even more perverse than the Nazis.

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