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VFR’s daily visits average in the 6000’s, which is not bad for a one-person, right-wing blog with no advertising and zero visibility in the mainstream conservative movement, as well as no automatic comments feature. But the average daily visits figure does not convey the intensity with which VFR is read. Both the absolute number of daily hits (meaning the number of individual pages at VFR that are clicked on and opened per day), and the number of hits per visit, have been steadily increasing over the last couple of years, as can be seen here (the hits are in the left-most column). Thus in the last four months of 2007, average daily hits were in the 20,000’s, with about 4 1/2 hits per visit, while in the first six months of 2009, average daily hits have been in the 40,000’s, with 7.3 hits per visit. This past Tuesday, July 21, there were 7,526 visits and 62,791 hits, about 8 1/2 hits per visit. On Wednesday there were 8,041 visits and 60,681 hits, about 7 1/2 hits per visit. Yesterday, Thursday, there were 10,043 visits (an unusually high number), and, unbelievably, 168,498 hits. I imagine that most of those hits were not to VFR proper, but to the police report in the Henry Gates arrest which I saved and uploaded to VFR earlier in the week, and which other sites on the web have linked.

Update: Further down on the usage page, under “Top 30 of 12652 Total URLs,” I see that the police report has had 62,500 hits. But that’s the number of hits since it was posted several days ago, not just yesterday. Meaning that the number of hits yesterday apart from the police report was well over 100,000. Which would make it the most intensively read day in the site’s history.

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