How L-dotters feel about the idea that white communities are a threat to America

The commenters at are even tougher on Rich Benjamin, author of Searching for Whitopia, than I am. Here are the first 32 comments:


These “safe communities with good public schools and beautiful natural resources” pose a threat to America as a whole, according to Rich Benjamin.

Reply 1—Posted by: DaddyO, 10/12/2009 10:56:49 AM

As a member of one of these enclaves, I don’t have to worry that one of my kids will get beaten to death by an angry mob on his way to school. That pretty well trumps every one of my concerns with our societal direction.

Reply 2—Posted by: dipi, 10/12/2009 10:57:54 AM

Guess dear leader will have to take white-owned businesses just as Mugabe did with the white owned farms in Zimbawe, in order to give it to blacks so there will be blacktopias just like the writer writes about the whitetopias.

Reply 3—Posted by: qr4j, 10/12/2009 11:00:57 AM

Well … if you don’t feel safe in your neighborhood because of rising crime, if your kids aren’t getting a good education despite the taxes you pay to provide them with one, and if you have the opportunity to move … why wouldn’t you leave the urban mess?

In Illinois, Chicago’s Mayor Daley has emptied out large numbers of people from the ghetto or projects. Those folk have gone downstate, many of them, to places like Decatur, Springfield, Danville, Champaign-Urbana, etc. Even smaller towns like Rantoul (about 10,000 residents give or take) feel the influx.

The result? Crime and increasingly bad schools. So don’t tell me so much about “Whitopia” … and lock up the crooks, whatever their color or race may be!


Reply 4—Posted by: WhamDBambam, 10/12/2009 11:02:33 AM

Been to Detroit lately, Mr. James?

Reply 5—Posted by: billw., 10/12/2009 11:02:40 AM

So is this sap saying whites should eschew those things because some blacks don’t have access to them? Is that what he’s done?

It’s that kind of screwed up thinking that got Zippy elected!

Reply 6—Posted by: whyyeseyec, 10/12/2009 11:05:10 AM

What is the purpose of this article other than to slam white people? The author acts as if everyone should live in harmony with everyone else. Sorry, life isn`t like that. Maybe in the author`s liberal utopia this is possible but not in the real world….

Reply 7—Posted by: sardonic, 10/12/2009 11:05:30 AM

The clown uses the term “teabaggers” in the interview. Pretty much makes the case for dismissing this yahoo.

Reply 8—Posted by: AuntieDemocrat, 10/12/2009 11:05:49 AM

So, according to the interviewee, by building the Interstate Highway system, Dwight Eisenhower was responsible for America’s racial segregation “for decades to come.”

That’s a new one to me.

Reply 9—Posted by: Max Bear, 10/12/2009 11:07:49 AM

I agree #7, as soon as I saw the term ‘Teabagger’ used in the article to describe the Tea Party protesters, I quit reading.

Reply 10—Posted by: curious1, 10/12/2009 11:09:40 AM

So, does Benjamin support the guy in this youtube video too?

Reply 11—Posted by: Eschakabeebonk, 10/12/2009 11:09:57 AM

I noticed that #7. Benjamin uses the ‘teabagger’ slur which refers to a sexual act.

Reply 12—Posted by: Rama41, 10/12/2009 11:11:50 AM

You want another place where the only people are almost always white? Try a Civil War Battlefield, like Gettysburg. Each year, the public channel in PA covers National Park Service lectures given to tourists around the anniversary of the battle. Almost 100% of the tourists are white. Perhaps Rich Benjamin would like to discontinue support for this service as it apparently represents a government handout to whitopia.

Reply 13—Posted by: craige, 10/12/2009 11:12:05 AM

All it takes to live in one of these communities, is MONEY. People with money can afford taxes for good schools. People with money don’t need to commit crime.

BTW: Minority crime was much lower, prior to Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. Working poor don’t have as much time to commit crime…

Reply 14—Posted by: Liberty7, 10/12/2009 11:12:25 AM

In the big abstract picture, I guess I am for an integrated society. But I would like Benjamin’s comments about self segregation done by other ethnic groups, such as college organization, college graduations, various ‘victim’ organizations, etc. I am clearly against segregation imposed by law but I question forced integration imposed by law. I generally would not favor any public policy that promotes self-segregation, but I would be against any public policy that attempts to force everybody to associate with everybody else.

Reply 15—Posted by: guamdivers, 10/12/2009 11:13:28 AM

The authors analysis is so vacuous, I hardly know where to begin. Perhaps, the question should be asked:

Why are there better schools, a better environment, and less crime in these so called enclaves?

What is it about “Whitetopia” that is different from the rest of this society.

Were these questions to be examined, I could guarantee the article would make more sense. And any social issues it brought up would have a better chance at solution then forced “integration”. (this idea of forced integration is a corner stone of facism, IMHO.)

Reply 16—Posted by: fiscon, 10/12/2009 11:16:43 AM

My peaceful community, with good schools and nice-looking parks and roads that are in pretty good shape considering it’s in Illinois (Land of Lincoln and Road Construction), welcomes anyone who wants to move in and send their kids to good schools, enjoy the nice-looking parks, and drive the roads responsibly. We have many of Indian descent among us, some blacks, a fair number of Spanish/Mexican descent (legal, and good citizens), and many originally from Asia.

And speaking of Asia, they certainly are lumped in with whites a lot, aren’t they? I never hear liberals talking about them when they talk about racial diversity. Makes me think they’re just trying to push people on us who don’t want to succeed and would rather play the race card than blame their lack of hard work.

Reply 17—Posted by: Panman, 10/12/2009 11:17:59 AM

If your neighborhood has turned to a Thug controlled Toilet, then the only option that is sensible is to move to a safe community, if you care about your family’s safety and Schools.

There will always be influences that kill communities and the only current answer is to move!

Many of the bad cities are dominated by anti White thugs and the idea that Whites are OK targets since they can be accused of Race Card abuse if they complain!

So called diversity is in many ways a sure fire way to destroy a community.

Reply 18—Posted by: daphne, 10/12/2009 11:18:39 AM

Years ago, there was a folk song parody: Come Back, My Masochistic Mama. That’s what Benjamin seems to want. Maplewood New Jersey might be Diversity Heaven, but NJ is a state in competition with California for being close to the highest taxed, most stressful state in which to live. Guess what? People who can, leave.

Reply 19—Posted by: Jethro bo, 10/12/2009 11:19:04 AM

Fruits of the labor. Back in the 60s and 70s, busing was forced on kids based strictly on the color of their skin. Now those kids are middle aged, earning a living and able to decide for themselves what is best for them and their families. And is it shocking to find out that forced integration isn’t high on their ‘must have’ list? Naturally, the answer is to blame everything on racism and come up with a forced integration solution. Of course it may not be so easy to force adults into forced integration since they can actually vote and move to places they want to live and contribute to campaigns and in general fight back. This is one more attempt to blame whites and demand a goobernment solution to a nonexistent problem.

Reply 20—Posted by: bdcaruba, 10/12/2009 11:21:51 AM

The real teabaggers were in DC yesterday.

Reply 21—Posted by: rollingcow, 10/12/2009 11:22:26 AM

I, too, stopped reading when I got to ‘teabaggers’. I’m not sure why, but in our small Iowa town we have only one black family and I’m not sure it isn’t just a mother and daughter since I’ve never seen a man involved or maybe she married a local white boy. I’ve never seen blacks in any of our local small towns and have been told it’s because of the lack of apartment complexes with federal housing dollars. I really don’t care-we live in a Cowtopia and are quite happy.

Mrs. Cow

Reply 22—Posted by: msjena, 10/12/2009 11:23:29 AM

Yep, his use of the term “teabagger” says it all. If he really wanted to do a study of segregationist trends, he should look at the demographics of liberal Manhattan below 96th street or compare far Northwest DC to the rest of that Democrat-voting city. Or check out the number of blacks in private schools in majority black DC. Or ask the liberals in New York (or Chicago or Los Angeles) why they are desperate to get their kids into private schools? You won’t get a straight answer, but the reason is because they don’t want their kids associating with black kids.

Reply 23—Posted by: bullwhacker, 10/12/2009 11:23:55 AM

Why do these libs keep referring to “teabaggers?” What do the Folsum St. festivals have to do with Whitopias? San Francisco is a Sextopia.

Reply 24—Posted by: dolphin, 10/12/2009 11:24:34 AM

So does that mean Detroit is Blatopia?

Reply 25—Posted by: Redbone, 10/12/2009 11:25:58 AM

Let’s start by force integrating Martha’s Vineyard. Didn’t see any African Americans at Stowe, so that and Smugglers Notch and Killington should be next. Palm Springs?

Now that I’ve thought about it, the author’s racial hatred is shining through. Randy attacks those he doesn’t like, conservatives, by suggesting that African Americans should be introduced into places where some of them live. That is very denigrating to African Americans.

If these weeners aren’t prejudiced, why don’t they suggest integrating African Americans into white LIBERAL locations, which are obviously more attractive and better than white conservative locations? Get the point?

Reply 26—Posted by: planta gens, 10/12/2009 11:30:19 AM

I am presently feeling distressed at the concentration of Black People in Harlem. It just isn’t fair. The REMEDY? A punitive TAX on Black People residing in Harlem, compelling them to move to Connecticut. That Exodus will make room for the beginning of a Beautiful Diversity in Harlem. See! It’s so simple! Don’t you just feel ever so much better?

Reply 27—Posted by: CEP, 10/12/2009 11:32:01 AM

Rich do a study of the Congressional Black Caucus, how about LaRaza, what about inner city Chicago. There is nothing wrong with people wanting safe communities where their children can grow up and not be assaulted by some baggy pants wearing thug, white or black or hispanic. DO something about the violence in the black community, it isn’t the fault of whitopians, it’s the so called black culture that has produced the violence, gangsta rap etc. Do something positive instead of trying to bring down someone else.

Reply 28—Posted by: billw., 10/12/2009 11:32:48 AM

Right you are, #13. That whole mess is well documented in Bill Bennett’s America, The Last Best Hope, including the thriving black-owned small businesses in Harlem that were driven out of business when the place was taken over by drugs and criminals. Welfare dependency is Slavery by another name.

Reply 29—Posted by: wnaegele, 10/12/2009 11:35:57 AM

I stopped reading at “teabagger”…

Reply 30—Posted by: peedaddy, 10/12/2009 11:45:45 AM

“The major draw to Whitopia is that they’re safe communities with good public schools and beautiful natural resources.”

“We don’t think we’re better than you, we just want to be separate from you.”

Gee, why is that? Why would white people want to be separate from blacks? Is there a problem?

Reply 31—Posted by: planetgeo, 10/12/2009 11:47:13 AM

Perhaps Mr. Benjamin can enlighten all of us by writing his next article on a Blacktopia. Surely one exists somewhere where blacks have been in charge for years, decades, or preferably longer. Such a place would inform us of what their view of utopia is: level of taxes, quality of schools, crime level, parks, recreation, social niceties, etc.

And Mr. Benjamin, if for some strange reason, such a Blacktopia doesn’t exist, you might at least describe what it would look like if it someday did.

Reply 32—Posted by: NYbob, 10/12/2009 11:47:20 AM

Of course it is Time magazine that gives a fool like this a large audience to spew his ignorance and hate. The upside is, at the rate a rag like Time is losing it’s audience, this source of stupidity will go away soon.

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