The left singles out Geller as evil symbol of opposition to the mosque

Pamela Geller writes at Big Journalism:

When It Comes to the Ground Zero Mosque: ‘Truth Is the New Hate Speech’

The left is dismissive of the grief and offense caused by the prospect of a victory mosque at Ground Zero. The left is contemptuous of how 9/11 families and the majority of Americans feel; they’re sick in their fierce rush to erect the mosque. They’re even trying to blame me for America’s natural and logical response to an Islamic supremacist mosque being built on a site that was part of the 9/11 attack. The Geller hit pieces have been coming fast and furious and obvious, as if discrediting me will make the pain and anger over the mosque go away. Despite all the competition from its many rivals in this game, the Guardian took first prize for smear, slander, libel and personal destruction. The notoriously anti-Semitic Guardian took on the Jewish Atlas, and could barely contain itself.

My crime? Hate speech. And that proves once again what I have contended all along: “truth is the new hate speech.” Knowledgeable conservative readers will get a charge out of the Guardian’s story, which is a mixture of pure fiction and dangerous lies, all devoted to the marginalization of those who dare to expose the liberal media propaganda machine.

The anti-Semitism was open: “Geller,” claimed Chris McGreal, the author of the piece, “writes for an Israeli media network based in the occupied territories that is the voice of the Jewish settler movement.”

I do? They just make stuff up. I don’t even know what they are talking about, but if Chris McGreal is in touch with this “Israeli media network,” he should let them know that I would love to write for them—please point the way!

The rest of the piece is just as ridiculous. “Pamela Geller,” the Guardian tells its mouth-breathing readers, “is on a mission to save the free world and she’s doing it, on this occasion, in a bikini as she writhes around in the sea –

“Here I am in my chador, my burka,” Geller jokes to the camera in one of a string of video blogs campaigning against Islamic “world domination” shortly before kicking back in the waves. “There is a serious reality check desperately needed here in America and I’m here to give it to you, but I’m just not ginormous enough. What can I say? And on that note I’m going to go swimming in the ocean, and visit my mama, and fight for the free world.”

This strange performance might suggest that Geller is a figure consigned to the margins of the widening and increasingly heated debate about the role of Muslims in America. Far from it.

The 2006 bikini blog is back! I’ve recorded 400 vlogs and the sticky-fingered smear machine can’t stop watching the one in which I’m wearing a bikini and wading in the ocean. I just hope they watch it with the sound on.

It is comedy. It is to laugh. It is to cry.

The Guardian does try to be serious, however, and to hurl some serious charges at me:

But while Geller has inserted herself into mainstream politics in America, she has also aligned herself with far-right causes across the globe including the English Defence League in Britain, white supremacists in South Africa and Serbian war criminals.

Yes, I stand with the EDL, who are resisting the Islamization of Britain, and the Serbs, who are resisting the Islamization of the Balkans. I also stand against the genocide in South Africa. White supremacists? War criminals? This is the genocidal Guardian at its mendacious best. Nice work, goosesteppers.

McGreal also hits my colleague Robert Spencer and legal expert John Jay (whom he calls “John Kay”), with whom I have often consulted, and anyone who has anything to do with me.

The Guardian says that Spencer “describes himself as a consultant to the US military, the FBI and the government’s joint terrorism taskforce.” See how they’re trying to suggest that he hasn’t advised those groups, as if he made it all up. You’d think they’d have checked with the Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which went ape last month when Spencer gave a couple of seminars for the JTTF. And they say that Spencer and I are “hunting down ‘infiltrators of our federal agencies.’”

Can you see Robert and me “on the hunt”? Robert, bring me the axe!

What’s the point of this stupid hit piece? And yes, it is worse than that. At the moment when I am identified more than anyone else with the fight against the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero, they’re trying to make me radioactive, so that no one will dare to stand with me.

So who will stand with me? More importantly, who will stand with us against this Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero?

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