Beck—crusader on race

(Note: see followup entry by Tim W. explaining Glenn Beck’s insane reconstruction of American history.)

JC writes from Houston:

You printed one of messages before, I love your website and your philosophy, hope you publish this. I was listening to Glen Beck’s radio program on Fox this evening. Seems he’s having some civil rights rally at the Lincoln Memorial this weekend. His topic tonight was the horrors of segregation in the 20th Century. I must have come in late to the program but he was railing against Woodrow Wilson and his segregationist views and how he suppressed dissent (I agree that Wilson was a bad president who got us into a war we had no business participating in). Then it was on to FDR and his internment of the Japanese-Americans. Beck ranted on about German-Americans being interned (false—it was alien nationals). Then, as if following the script you have mentioned many times, he almost fell on his knees worshipping Martin Luther King’s speech. Beck was almost orgasmic thinking that he was going to speak in the same spot. He then ran a few minutes of Marian Anderson singing at the Lincoln Memorial and he ranted on a few minutes more about the evils of segregation which were perpetrated by Democrats.

This guy makes me sick. Sirius satellite radio subbed him into the prime time 8-10 a.m. hour and his whole program is a disjointed jumble of mainly praising himself. I used to listen to him on local station years ago, before he became such a defender of who knows what.

I’m sure that Beck’s devotion to MLK will get 50 percent of the black vote for the GOP next election!

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