George Casey, accessory after the fact to mass murder

(Note: I began drafting this item several days ago, but did not finish it until now.)

Let’s look again at those golden words from the highest officer in the U.S. Army:

Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.

Many people including me have been disgusted and outraged by this statement, which makes diversity the supreme good, supplanting all others, including the protection of life, including the protection of our country. But it’s even worse than I realized. Casey is adopting the very principle that kept Nidal Hasan’s fellow officers from reporting him and his superiors from investigating and disciplining him. Why didn’t they report and sanction him for his jihadist, murderous, and treasonous statements? Because, had they done so, certain consequences, undesirable to today’s Army, would have followed: Hasan, a Muslim, would have had to be removed from the Army and perhaps punished as well; and pious Muslims generally would have had to be looked at much more carefully by the Army, which would have had the effect of reducing Muslim recruitment and retention. In short, diversity would have been made a casualty. And, according to Casey, to make diversity a casualty would have been WORSE than the slaughter at Fort Hood. Casey is thus approving the behavior of the officers who left the jihad-spouting Hasan in place and, by doing so, enabled him to commit mass murder. He is a conscious accessory after the fact in the Muslim mass murder of U.S. soldiers.

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November 14

Charles T. writes:

Casey made this insane statement because this is what he thought his handlers wanted to hear. Officers who reach the general officer rank are the best politicians in their respective services. These are not the words of a commander. They are the words of a suck-up politician.

November 14

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