Breast implants as the cure for Man’s Fall?

This exchange with a reader took place in a long thread last March entitled, “Breast implants—another aspect of our debased culture that conservatives take for granted and never criticize”:

ZvB writes:

Do you imagine that ancient angels look saggy, weathered, and wizened? It is natural for people to be horrified by the sight of their dying bodies. We weren’t designed to die, we were cursed by God to die; and the “aging process” is the visible manifestation of this curse. I don’t blame women or men for fighting this, futile though it may be. Surrendering to one’s physical defects means disregarding the aesthetic sense God gave to us. Well, most of us. So yes, 100-year-old women should look like 18-year-old girls.

LA replies:

So according to ZvB, the correct response of man to the curse of death which God laid on man because of Adam’s rebellion, is the relentless use of cosmetic surgery and other artificial devices to make aged people look as though they were teenagers. Instead of following the teaching of the Bible which he references, and seeking to overcome the curse of death through faith in Jesus Christ, ZvB would have mankind go even deeper into rebellious self-assertion against nature and nature’s God.

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