Imams in U.S. arrested for aiding Taliban; U.S. government renews outreach efforts to Muslims

Daniel S. writes:

A trio of Pakistani Muslims have been arrested for providing financial support for the Taliban. Two of the men are imams at mosques in Florida.

Of course, it is Islamophobia to observe the widespread nature of Islamic violence and that mosques serve as bastions for Islamic radicalism.

Daniel S. continues (4:16 p.m.):

That Muslim imams are plotting jihad is to be expected, such is the nature of Islam. But what stood out to me was the response of the government (from the Wall Street Journal):

The charges against local Muslim religious leaders come as Justice Department officials try to gain the trust of Muslim communities around the country, while guarding against possible reprisal attacks following the killing of bin Laden.

So it is Muslim leaders (such as these two imams) that conspire against the U.S. or enable those who do, but we are expected to bend over backwards to earn their trust? Furthermore, the government is worried that Muslims in America will react violently to the deserved death of a man who murdered 3,000 Americans and countless others around the world, but instead of finding such people to be security concerns and deporting them we have to reach out to them, as if government officials praising Islam will buy off the jihad:

Messrs. Gillies and Ferrer said they have met the two imams arrested as part of ongoing Justice Department nationwide outreach efforts in local Muslim communities. After the arrests, the officials reached out to other Muslim leaders to explain the charges and to coordinate increased local police protection for mosques in the region and ward against any potential backlash, Mr. Ferrer said.

So the very two imams arrested had once been the recipients of government outreach. But instead of ending contact with all of these radical imams and removing them from Western society by deporting them back to Pakistan, Egypt, etc., the government will continue “outreach” and peddle this myth of “backlash” (i.e. white Christians attacking poor, brown Muslims). That liberalism is willfully blind and suicidal is as fundamental to its nature as violence and aggression are to the nature of mainstream Islam.

LA replies:

The primary liberal refusal to recognize that a non-Western religion which is our declared enemy is our enemy, leads step by step to ever greater madness. Only the rejection and defeat of the liberal belief in universal human oneness and sameness can rescue us from this hell. And America as a society is not anywhere close to such a rejection. For the foreseeable future, the liberal hell will only get worse.

And in the lowest deep, a lower deep
Still threatening to devour me opens wide,
To which the Hell I suffer seems a Heaven.

In Paradise Lost, it is Satan’s rebellion against God that consigns him to hell. In modern society, it is liberalism’s rebellion against the truth of reality that consigns us all to hell, whether we are part of the liberal rebellion or not.

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