Juan Williams is deeply stupid

On the Bill O’Reilly program this evening, Juan Williams became highly exercised at the suggestion that George Zimmerman could have had any reasonable grounds to be suspicious of Trayvon Martin. “This was a sixteen year old [sic],” Williams said with great exasperation in his face and voice. “He was carrying skittles.” So Williams has never heard of a sixteen (actually seventeen) year old criminal, particularly a sixteen year old black criminal; and he thinks that if a person has candy in his possession, that means he cannot also be up to no good. What an idiot. Any notion that Williams is a rational, moderate black has flown out the window. He’s just another kneejerk black racialist, like Obama.

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James P. writes:

Someone should send Juan Williams some statistics on juvenile crime rates. Sixteen and seventeen year olds commit many, many crimes.

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