Media only notice black flash mobs when whites start talking about defending themselves

Paul K. writes:

You recently commented on the MSM concern that black flash mobs might lead to racial profiling. Here is a TV news report from a Pennsylvania Fox affiliate in which journalists worry that citizens may be arming themselves to avoid being victimized by flash mobs. In not one single case so far has a rampaging black youth been shot by an intended victim, but the newsman worries that we could have “a nightmare in the making,” as if we don’t have a nightmare already.

The newsman and woman reporter—both apparently of mixed race—repeatedly stress that mob participants are “children” and “kids” not deserving such an overreaction. A black police captain, clearly sympathizing with the thugs, says, “We’re talking about shooting children,” and expresses concern about citizens using guns instead of their cell phones. (He’s evidently unfamiliar with the saying, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”)

The police captain talks about “children” even though the security-camera footage shows a mall being looted by great hulking brutes six feet in height. Granted they may have been 13 or 14 years old, but anyone who knows what middle-school students look like knows that many are full grown. The newswoman’s voice cracks as she worries what might befall these kids, ending her report with, “It’s kids—kids!”

To which the newsman answers, “Yeah, we’ve got to remember that.”

So please, people—as you’re lying on the ground being kicked into a coma, let your last thought be, “They’re just children!”

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Gintas writes:

This validates that anarcho-tyranny is the method of rule by our ruling elite. Our ruling elite (the media is its mouthpiece) is effectively insisting that the marauding underclass (the anarchy part of the system; it functions as a rogue militia) must be left free to maraud unnoticed and unconstrained by white middle class American notions of self-defense.

Alexis Zarkov writes:

Just “kids.” I remember just how dangerous those “kids” could be when I lived in New York City. Black boys mature faster than white boys, and a fourteen-year-old can be extremely lethal. Back in the 1960s, when “kids” enjoyed immunity from being prosecuted as adults, drug dealers would routinely use young kids as hitmen because, in effect, they had a licenses to kill. A young boy could murder and not suffer anything resembling an adult punishment. The laws and policies are different now, and a teenager can get tried as an adult. However I think New York sends criminals below the age of 12 to family court, not criminal court. In other words, if young enough, a black boy still has a license to kill. Again the average twelve-year-old black boy is much stronger than most white people realize because they are making judgments based on their experience with white youngsters.

As I pointed out in a prior comment, we are sitting on a time bomb. Perhaps this summer a white person will repel a attack using lethal force, and then all hell will break loose—Bernard Goetz Part II. Now we see the weapon the government will use: “they’re just kids.” Will Obama be so foolish enough to inject himself into the controversy so that Bernard Goetz Part II goes national? I hope not. Also note the misuse of the term “vigilante,” as in the “subway vigilante.” The more things change, the more they stay the same.

LA replies:

Speaking of the misuse of “vigilante” against normal law-abiding Americans, let us recall what was perhaps the single most despicable moment of George W. Bush’s presidency. At a joint press conference with his tall compadre the president of Mexico, a declared enemy of the United States, Busheròn answered a reporter’s question about what he thought of the Minutemen by declaring that he did not approve of “vigilantes.”

David B. writes:

When I saw your post about the newswoman whose voice cracks as she says, “It’s kids—kids!,” I almost thought it was a parody. But it’s not, they really are afraid “kids” will get shot and think that would be horrible.

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