If there is a black candidate who breathes, or even if he doesn’t breathe, blacks will overwhelmingly vote for him

PJ writes:

Alvin Greene got more than 300,000 votes in his Senate bid in South Carolina, which correlates to 28 percent of the vote.

Exit polls show that Alvin Greene got 80 percent of the Black vote.

Also, 53 percent of Black college graduates voted for Greene, while 82 percent of black people without degrees voted for Greene.

Also, Nationwide, 90 percent of Black people voted Democratic.

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Tovi A. writes:

How many blacks voted for Allen West? (not being sarcastic, I’m genuinely interested)

LA replies:

Good question!

We need to find out if there were exit polls in that Congressional district.

If the answer is as I suspect, I will have to modify the title of this entry to: “If there is a black candidate who breathes, or even if he doesn’t breathe, and if he’s not a Republican, blacks will overwhelmingly vote for him.”

Paul K. writes:

If any VFR readers are interested, they can watch Alvin Greene’s strange “concession speech.” I noticed that comedians focused on mocking O’Donnell this past campaign season and stayed away from Greene. There is nothing funny about a man who reminds us of an element of our population that is too depressing to think about.

Karl D. writes:

I have thought about this myself before. From Marion Barry to Charlie Rangle, Kwami Kilpatrick and that other guy who had cash in his freezer. Blacks will keep electing and re-electing bad and even criminal black politicians over and over again. This is also something you see in Africa happening all the time. How many black African despotic and corrupt politicians have we seen elected time and again? With the full knowledge that he is an absolute disaster? And it always ends the same way. Things get so bad that there is either a coup or civil war. The UN is called in after thousands of deaths through violence and starvation, a new “Democratic” leader is installed and the whole thing begins again. Just as Russians seem to love an iron handed leader it seems blacks love a corrupt oversexed criminal. Just as long as he whispers pretty lies into their ears. Don’t forget that all black politicians, even if caught with their hands in the cookie jar will generally get a pass. In the minds of most blacks he was merely a victim of a white conspiracy. If you have ever listened to black talk radio you would be rocked back on your heals to hear the most ridiculous conspiracy theories being offered up on a daily basis.

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