SANE statement on Islam

SANE (the Society for Americans for National Existence) both criticizes and uses as a starting point my Draft Statement on Islam in writing its own statement on how to deal with the Islamic threat. I haven’t read it carefully yet and look forward to doing so. However, while I posted my draft statement in order to solicit criticism and suggestions, I must say I find it ironic that the jargon-ridden SANE, of all websites, criticizes my statement for its excessive “verbiage”!

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Jeff in England writes:

As you know I am an admirer of SANE and put you onto it again not too long ago. But their personal attacks have put me off of them.

As for their saying that you use excess verbiage, your writing is ten times as focused as theirs with greater clarity and more insight. It’s an interesting psychological phenomenon that they choose to criticise you for the very things they are guilty of. You couldn’t make it up! Having said that, I feel SANE is on the right path and their acknowledgement of your “attempt” to sort out the Muslim problem is a positive step.

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