The top one hundred conservative websites

DBKP Report has a listing of the hundred most read conservative sites, measured by Alexa ranking. DBKP invited those whose sites should be on the list, but weren’t, to write to them about it, as they update the list regularly. So I checked VFR at Alexa. Its Alexa rating is 123,923, which would put it at 90th among conservative sites.

I’ve written to DBKP with this information.

Update February 16

Mondo Frazier from DBKP wrote back to me, explaining that the list of top one hundred conservative sites is based on worldwide Alexa rankings, not just U.S. Alexa rankings. I find it hard to summarize his other points, mainly because I don’t fully understand them, so I’ll just reproduce the exchange:

Mondo Frazier wrote:

You’re absolutely right about the US ranking…. the Alexa ranking we use is the World ranking.

However, we rank the Top 100 blogs next week (every two weeks also) and those rankings don’t have magazines, radio and TV in them.

I’ve added you to the database so you’ll show up and I would think that you’ll have a good chance of moving into the top 100 during 2010.

I appreciate your heads-up. I’m always glad to find another conservative site out there!


I replied:

Thanks for reply.

The Alexa page did not offer a worldwide ranking for my site. Just U.S., Britain, and some Caribbean country, which I didn’t understand at all. But since virtually all the sites on your top 100 list are American, it would seem that taking a worldwide ranking would not change the relative place of the various sites within your list.

Is your blog list of the top 100 blogs or the top 100 conservative blogs?

Mondo Frazier replied:


The list today is a list of all conservative sites: it includes blogs, magazines, newspapers, TV and radio sites (long as they’re conservative) … of course, some people say Fox News, the Wall Street journal or Drudge isn’t conservative, but discussion makes the world go around!

The Top 100 Blogs (out next week) is a list of web-based only sites (although it does contain several magazines that have significant blogs like NRO, Weekly Standard, and a few more). While it takes an overall Alexa rank of 166843 to make the Conservative 100, I think the threshold two weeks ago for the Top Conservative Blogs was 468351—which would have put VftR the 93rd last time (VftR’s overall Alexa is 317939. it changes up or down every day for larger blogs, every couple days for everyone else, I believe.

I use the worldwide rankings because that is the one that shows up in our database. To compute the US traffic only requires a couple more steps and it takes 5-7 hours to put each list in order to publish now. hahaha…. so I might change it in the future, but not right now …

Top 100 blogs come out sometime Sunday Feb 21.

Thanks once again and you’re “in the system”,


- end of initial entry -

Diane M. writes:

About your rating in Top 100 Conservative Sites: You’re Number One on my list!. I’ve gained more food for thought by reading your site than all the other chattering pundits combined, although a few bites are indeed bitter fruit.

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