Another anti-Semite smokes me out

Speaking of anti-Semitism, a week ago a person named Wayne Jones had written to me professing to be concerned about anti-Semitic comments he had seen at the American Renaissance site, and asking for my views on American Renaissance and anti-Semitism. While I thought it was at least half possible that Jones was an anti-Semitic provocateur, there were things in his e-mail that made him seem sincere, so I put aside my suspicions and replied to him and explained my position, which I’ve explained many times before. I then got this reply from him:

Thank you Mr Auster for confirming to me exactly where your true loyalties lie. They are certainly not towards the white race. The apparent pro-white positions you take are obviously to divert white people’s attention from the real underlying root cause of the crisis we face.

You kikes make me sick. WJ.

- end of initial entry -

Dean Ericson writes:

The poor man does sound sick.

LA replies:

Yes, but it’s far beyond words like “sick.” Just think what this person believes (along with virtually every other anti-Semite who has commented on me): that everything I write about race, immigration, black crime, Islam, etc. is not what it appears to be, but is an elaborate false front constructed for the sole purpose of distracting attention from the real problem, the Jews.

Think of how inconceivably evil I am by their lights, that I devote my life to writing passionately intense articles that I don’t mean, but that are all part of a superhumanly complex plot to cover up the Jewish threat so that the Jews can continue their destruction of the West.

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