The face that would launch 100 million immigrants

Steve Sailer mentioned that I had sent him a photo of Sen. Hagel, and he commented on how insipid Hagel looked, but he didn’t explain why I had sent it. The photo appears with Robert Rector’s New York Post column about the 60 million new immigrants that would be admitted during the next 20 years under the amended version of Senate Bill 2611 (down from the top range of 193 million immigrants in 20 years under the original version of the bill), of which Hagel is the co-author. I sent the photo to Mr. Sailer with this note:


LA to SS:

Have you thought about my suggestion of doing a Saileresque article on the IQ of current U.S. senators? There are MANY Senators who look as stupid as this. To paraphrase the climactic scene of Lost Horizon, “Look at his face! Look at his face!”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 21, 2006 10:34 PM | Send

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