Conference on the Islamization of Europe

Want to spend two whole days listening to prominent speakers anguish about the growing power of extremist Islam in Europe without their uttering a single syllable about reducing Islamic immigration into Europe? Here is just the event for you, announced in an e-mail from Daniel Pipes:

Dear Reader:

I will be speaking at an international conference on “The Collapse of Europe?” with over 30 journalists, academics, and commentators in an analysis of Europe’s problems and their implications for the United States. Here are the details—I hope you can join me.

  • Where: Pepperdine University in Malibu, California

  • When: June 10-11, 2007

  • Conference Title: “The Collapse Of Europe?”

  • Other speakers include: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Claire Berlinski, Phyllis Chesler, Hugh Hewitt, Ibn Warraq, Douglas Murray, Dennis Prager, Bret Stephens, Mark Steyn, Wafa Sultan, James Q Wilson

  • Sponsors: American Freedom Alliance (a new organization, not the same as Oliver North’s “Freedom Alliance”) and the Council for Tolerance and Democracy

  • Program.

  • Cost: $250 for June 10, $100 for June 11

  • Registration form.

  • Map.

Yours sincerely,
Daniel Pipes

I do not call this a conference of the Usual Suspects, because a “Usual Suspect” is a person who states categorically that Islam as such is a mortal threat to our society yet remains stone-cold silent about reducing Muslim immigration. The above speakers worry a great deal about Islam and its effects, but—apart from Ibn Warraq and possibly Mark Steyn and Wafa Sultan—they do not say that Islam as such is the threat. They say that “radical” Islam is the threat, and that it can be solved by “moderate” Islam.

As for Ayaan Hirsi Ali, touted on the main web page of the conference’s sponsor, the American Freedom Alliance, as “the bravest and most remarkable woman of our time,” Ali is not even worried about “radical” Islam, since she has no problem with Muslims promoting sharia in the West, so long as they don’t use violence and coercion to promote it. Further, Ali’s main gripe with Islam is not that it threatens Western society, but that it subjugates Muslim women. But of course sharia means the subjugation of women. So you can see what a clear thinker about Islam she is. Meanwhile Ali has also called for the banning of European political parties that are seeking to reduce Islamic immigration. So you can see what a clarion voice she is for the defense of Europe from Islam.

As I wrote about Ali two months ago:

I think KPA [an Ethiopian-Canadian reader of VFR] has figured out Ali very well. Ali has no interest in defending the West from Islam. The West doesn’t exist anyway. The West is just “open societies,” a left-liberal formula connoting the replacement of traditional culture and nationhood by a world-wide open field of radically liberated individuals. The West has no interests of its own. It exists only for the purpose of helping spread the “open society.” With regards to Islam, it does this by being completely open to Muslim immigration, and by helping Muslims such as Ali in the feminization and opening up of the Muslim societies. The Muslim world is unable to “open” itself; it needs the West for this.

Ali also equates Catholicism with Nazism. Of which I’ve said:

a person who shows such hostility to the founding religion of Western society should not be allowed to immigrate into the West. Let her go back to Somalia and try to undermine its customs, rather than come here and undermine our customs.

As for apostasy from Islam, which several of the speakers at this conference urge as the only solution, certainly the only real reform of Islam is apostasy, meaning that Muslims leave the religion altogether. But as a VFR reader has said:

Widespread apostasy of Muslims in Islamic countries would be fantastic. The same by European Muslims is rather ho hum. Sure, we’d have fewer train bombings, fewer honour killings, no eventual imposition of Shariah to worry about, but Europe would still be left with masses of formerly Muslim, intimidating, sulking, jobless, witless third worlders. Even now the “French youths” harassing moribund French natives would qualify as “apostates” by Islamic standards, what good does Hirsi really expect can come from debating Islamic theology with them?

Apostasy as the solution to the Islamization of the West is thus a variation on the familiar neocon program of mass Third World immigration plus assimilation (or, rather, of mass Third World immigration plus lots of slogans about assimilation). The basic idea is that we keep bringing millions of Muslims into the West, and then, once they are here, we urge them to leave Islam and become secular people. The first great problem with this approach is that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are going to resist such an invitation with all their might and resent it greatly. The second great problem with this approach is that we cannot make the transformation of millions of Muslims into unbelievers a leading goal of our society without at the same time making unbelief itself a leading goal of our society. The apostates’ and pro-apostates’ program is to “save” the West by pushing it even further in the direction of godlessness.

Therefore neither moderate Muslims nor apostate Muslims can help Europe stop the collapse of Europe. Only Westerners can stop the collapse of Europe, by (1) eliminating the EU with its Europe-crushing, Eurabian agenda, and (2) stopping all Muslim immigration into Europe. A third necessary step—which I do not insist that mainstream conservatives support at present because I recognize that it is too radical for them—is to initiate the departure of Muslims from Europe.

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