A symbol of what happens to a nation that defies truth, God, and law; or, Synchronicity on a national scale

Alan M. writes:

In preparing for a trip today, I kept remembering that this Republic of ours is no longer. Then I happened to take a look at Drudge. I was shocked.


Here’s what went through my head like a stroke of lightening:

By a single, illogical Supreme Court decision, a foundational principle of this Republic was declared dead.

The next day, God, through nature, showed his response.

What Washington, D.C. has wrought on the Republic, God has wrought on Washington, D.C.

Quite fitting, actually. Those who question God’s acts of punishment in the Old Testament only need to look at this to read the signs of the times.

In the darkness, the light of the Founders can still be our guiding beacon. But the lovers of death and haters of God prefer the dark and turn away from the light.

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Ed H. writes:

God works in strange ways, but if he was consistent in the divine wrath thing he would have long ago turned Nancy Pelosi (D., San Francisco) into a pillar of salt for looking back at Sodom.

LA replies:

To quibble, Pelosi didn’t look back at Sodom. Pelosi represents Sodom.

LA writes:

In that photograph, the Washington Monument looks like the Sword Excalibur being raised against the darkness.

July 2

Ed H. writes:

In the photo The Washington Monument does indeed look like Excalibur being held up against the darkness. It even appears to be rising out of the water. A memorable image.

Alan M. writes:

Ed H.’s and your comments are very interesting. I believe there is actually quite a bit of spiritual symbolism on the mall, with Lincoln sitting in his chair, gazing upon the reflection of the Washington monument in the reflecting pool. There is a both an inner and an outer meaning that are similar. The outer meaning is that we can only know nature’s God indirectly as he is reflected in nature (i.e. natural law). The inner meaning is that we can come to know about God internally again indirectly and when our internal self is purified and still. Both involve contemplation but of a different sort depending on the object of our gaze. In both cases, God is the male principle (the obelisk) while creation is the female (water). This side of the resurrection, we cannot see God face to face. It is more a pagan or masonic symbolism; but Christianity, being the fullness of the truth, contains what is true in other traditions.

Steve D. writes:

Apparently, the storm was a natural phenomenon known as a “derecho,” but one which defied all the typical qualities of such a storm. A Washington-area news station posted this on the Internet (emphasis added):

WASHINGTON—The ferocious storm that blew through the Washington-area Friday night is a weather system known as a derecho.

It is not only an unusual weather event for the region, but the circumstances surrounding the storm changed its pattern characteristics, according to ABC 7 Meterologist Mike Stinneford.

Derecho is a Spanish word that means ‘straight.’ It is in reference to the storm’s powerful straight-line winds.

Derechos typically form along the top of a hot air mass and can move an average of 70 miles per hour. That wind speed is normally associated with a Category 1 hurricane.

“Outside a hurricane, a derecho is one of the worst storms that can run through the area,” Stinneford says. “It’s very unusual to have a derecho come this far south, also to come in the evening, also to come over the [Blue Ridge] mountains.”

The storm that hit the D.C.area on Friday night started on the west side of Chicago and gained speed, following a jet stream east. This type of storm tends to die down by the end of the day, says Stinneford, and will lose steam.

Contrary to its historical pattern, Friday’s derecho moved from west to east at a rapid speed, traveling up to 80 miles per hour at some points. It gained momentum heading into the Mid-Atlantic and hit after dark.

“This was a very large derecho,” says Stinneford. “This is probably one of the biggest ones we’ve ever seen … probably one of the worst storms ever in D.C. outside of a hurricane or the type of the damage you see from a major winter storm.”

The major takeaway from this storm from a meteorlogical perspective was the size of its swath, he says.

“Outside of a hurricane, you will never see wind damage this widespread or this long-lived unless you had a land-falling hurricane.”

Alexis Zarkov writes:

If any place qualifies as a modern-day Sodom it must be San Francisco. Within something like 30 years, San Francisco will almost for sure experience a major earthquake—“the big one.” We have six major faults in the Bay Area, that have not had a rupture in over 100 years. The San Andreas fault runs right through the city across the bay (parallel to the Golden Gate Bridge) and into Marin County. I expect the city to suffer a devastation of biblical proportions when “the big one” hits. San Francisco had no building codes between 1907 and 1950, and a large fraction of the houses are pure junk—movie-lot quality. When the Big One hits it will be extremely temping to blame the devastation on the wicked wicked ways of the inhabitants who have chosen to defy the laws of nature, man and God. Over the last several decades, I’ve watched that city change from a very pleasant place to the non-stop theater of the absurd. I think it’s now legal to run around completely naked. The city officials are absolute lunatics. This is end-stage liberalism.

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