Tiberge on Jacques Delors and his daughter, Martine Aubry

LA to Tiberge at Galliawatch, December 4:

The Europhiles are not going to let this crisis go to waste; they are going to push for full fiscal union, i.e., a single European state. See Telegraph article on Jacques Delors.

Tiberge replied:

Jacques Delors claims to be a practicing Catholic. According to Wikipedia:

He belongs to Vie Nouvelle, a Catholic movement created in 1947, an offshoot of the Catholic Scouts. Drawing inspiration from the “philosophie personnaliste” of Emmanuel Mounier, it sees each man as a unique and responsible being who defines himself through commitment and positive confrontation with others and with the world. This approach is deepened by openness to other philosophies and other visions of the world. It proposes an alternative to individualism and closed identitarian communities in the respect and dignity of each person.

It sounds like a secular version of Vatican II. And it’s an easy way to avoid the reality of incompatibilities among peoples. You have your cake and eat it. You can be a good person who respects everyone (might this include alien religions such as Islam?), and at he same time be true to your Catholic roots, and do your duty to your country by saving it from war, even when war is necessary. He must think of himself as a man who tries to do good. It would be so instructive to know what really goes on inside these people. I think they set themselves above everyone else with their own particular vision of the world. They become consumed with this vision and cannot modify it. An idea takes precedence over everything else. Isn’t that fanaticism?

And here’s one more fact about the “Catholic” Jacques Delors. In May 2009 he, along with a stellium of Socialist politicians and celebrities, signed an article (now archived) in Le Monde on behalf of transsexuals who purportedly had been victims of abuse or violent crime. Some of the other signers were the homosexual mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, and avowed pedophile Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

As for the current usurpation of power by Germany and Brussels, I blame Nicolas Sarkozy entirely for this. He has been pandering to Merkel for five years, she has been spoon-feeding him for almost as long. Things would have been different if France had had a patriot in Elysée. Sarkozy shoved an unwilling France into the more unified EU as soon as he took office. His goal has been to reduce France to the level of vassal at best, a humiliated formerly-free slave state at worst. Merkel may be guilty but she had this handed to her by Sarkozy.

Tiberge continued:

Jacques Delors is the father of Martine Aubry, mayor of Lille, and until recently chairman of the French Socialist Party. Lille has become a corrupt Islamic city under her leadership.

Aubry has the Algerian flag flying in front of the French flag at the Lille airport, and her second husband, lawyer Jean-Louis Brochen, has defended terrorists. Not mentioned in this item is the fact that Brochen is also the lawyer for Rencontre et Dialogue, an association that takes legal action against those denouncing Islam:

Martine Aubrey

The so-called “Carleton Affair” involving Dominique Strauss-Kahn and other gangsters was centered in Lille.

Aubry entered into a secret deal with DSK for the presidential nomination, and was royally screwed by him (serves her right). In the recent Socialist primary she was defeated by François Hollande. Her defeat was due almost entirely to her connection to DSK.

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