A typical white response to black racism

Sophia A. writes:

The San Francisco Giants’ win of the World Series with a bunch of seemingly likeable, non-juiced up guys (we hope, who knows?) brings back bad memories of Barry Bonds. I tried my best to avoid paying any attention to this monster during his playing days, but your post about George Bush and Kanye West motivated me to research something that I’d been meaning to but never did.

Former White Sox player Ron Kittle claimed in a book that Barry Bonds refused to sign jerseys (for charity purposes) with this charming kiss off, “I don’t sign autographs for white people.” Bonds denied saying this. Kittle fumed to a friend, “Doesn’t that S.O.B. know that blacks get cancer, too?’”

This is so screwed up in so many ways that the mind boggles, and I lose my ability even to vent, much less analyze rationally why Kittle’s reaction was so cowardly.

Kittle was a Major League ball player, once our society’s paragon of manliness and grit. OK, maybe the reality never quite lived up to the image, but kids have to have something to look up to. And here he was, playing into exactly the racial pathology that he was supposedly decrying in Bonds.

Kittle should have punched Bonds right in the nose. And walked out of the clubhouse.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 07, 2010 02:10 PM | Send

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