Chutzpah, Islamic-style

Last week a U.S. black who converted some years ago to Islam assassinated an American soldier standing outside a recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas and seriously wounded another. Guess what happened next. As reported at Jihad Watch, a hijab-wearing Muslim woman showed up at a memorial rally for the murdered man,

claiming Muslim victimization and proclaiming Islamic supremacist dogma—“Jesus was Muslim!,” etc.—and railing about how “Jews” control the New York Times and Fox News. Don’t miss the point toward the end of the video when a friend of the hijabbed woman asks those conducting the memorial to “please go away”—as if this is suddenly an event that the Islamic supremacists control.

Since their religion commands them to unending war against non-Muslims, Muslims in significant numbers do not belong in any Western or non-Islamic country, period. It was a fatal error for us to let them in. Now that they are here in large numbers (perhaps as many as three million), we must (a) acknowledge the terrible mistake we made when we admitted them; (b) stop admitting any more of them; and (c) find preferably humane ways to make the ones who are already here, leave. But what about natural-born U.S. citizens who are born Muslims or Muslim converts, such as the Little Rock assassin? There are various approaches to that problem which I have discussed, including taking away the citizenship of Muslim natural born U.S. citizens who are declared enemies of this country. But even assuming that we did nothing about natural born Muslim citizens, if we reversed Muslim immigration, so that the number of Muslims in the U.S were steadily decreasing instead of increasing, the natural born, believing Muslims would be reduced to a powerless remnant and would cease having any influence on our society.

Does my approach seem extreme to you? Mine is the moderate approach.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 07, 2009 02:28 PM | Send

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