Kristol in clover

Greg W. writes:

William Kristol’s opening remark in the Weekly Standard yesterday:

“And so, despite his doubts and dithering, President Obama is taking us to war in another Muslim country. Good for him.”

The scary thing is, he isn’t being facetious.

Then, his closing remark in the same piece stated:

“And as Republicans select a 2012 nominee, they should seek a leader who will stand unabashedly for freedom at home and abroad.”

In real-speak, this means “Republicans should nominate a leader who will continue to wage war in foreign lands in which America holds no vital interests, in which America’s security is under no imminent threat, for America is not truly free if we do not intervene in Muslim affairs”.

The man needs a straight-jacket.

LA replies:

He certainly is an insane ideologue. Unfortunately, I think he has a better grasp of what Obama is up to than the Obama critics who accuse the president of incoherence. The reality is, that even as Obama eschews any intent to use force to overthrow Kaddafi and says his only purpose is to protect civilians, U.S. forces have been driving back Kaddafi’s forces and assisting the rebel advance. So his policy does not represent a hopeless contradiction between “only protecting civilians” and seeking Kaddafi’s overthrow. He is seeking Kaddafi’s overthrow, though without explicitly saying so. Thus Kristol’s happiness.

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Bob B. writes:

Just to let you know how amused I was by your title “Kristol in Clover.” I started humming the tune to myself. Thanks for injecting some humour. We need it in this crazy world. St. Theresa of Avila is reported as saying that life in the world is like “living in a second class hotel.” I think she should have said “like being homeless,” especially for traditionalists.

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