Non-believing liberal society asks: How could God allow this?

Karl D. writes:

I found this photo posted today:


LA replies:

This is not only a perfect answer in itself, it’s also a perfect gloss on my message regarding the school shooting: As a society, we dismiss right and wrong, we embrace sickness and evil; yet we still expect people to be good.

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LA writes:

Also, that T-shirt reminds me of a graffito I first saw in a men’s room in a restaurant in Aspen, Colorado circa 1970 that I got a big kick out of and that made a lasting impression on me:

God is dead.

Nietzsche is dead.

In fact, that graffito ultimately bore fruit in a big paper I wrote several years later at the University of Colorado in Boulder for an undergraduate course on Nietzsche. My theme was: We know about Nietzsche’s rebellion against God and his denial of objective moral truth. But what is the meaning of Nietzsche’s rebellion, from God’s point of view?

I still have that paper. Maybe I’ll dig it up and post it.

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