The cover of Islamikaze

The other day I said the cover illustration of Raphael Israeli’s Islamikaze was too sensationalistic. It portrays the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, surrounded by barbed wire, with a gigantic head of Satan stuck on a pole above it, a demented grin on its face and blood dripping from its nose. I thought the picture was saying in the most graphic terms that Moslems are Satan, which I found offensive and not appropriate for a serious intellectual work.

In fact, I misunderstood it. As explained to me by Professor Israeli, this horrific illustration was not created by him or his publishers to target Moslems; it is a Hamas poster. The satanic head is the head of Israel and the U.S. (its two horns have the national markings of those two countries respectively), and the head is hoisted over the Dome of the Rock the way the ancient Vikings would hoist the skulls of their enemies over their fortresses as a sign of victory.

So, Moslems see the “third holiest site” of their religion as a place where they erect in triumph the severed, grinning, Satan-like, blood-dripping head of their enemy, meaning us. We have to face the fact that these are the sickest people who ever lived. Yes, there were the thugees in India who worshipped murder, but they were a bizarre criminal cult. The Palestinians by contrast are an entire people, a soon-to-be “state” that is drenched in a Satanic death cult, a “nation” that the whole “civilized” world has legitimized and supported.

Worse, this death cult is not an extreme or atypical outgrowth of Islam, as is believed by so many naïve people who refuse to acquaint themselves with the most rudimentary truths about the “religion of peace.” The same corrosive hatred that emanates from the Palestinians, the same vindictive lust to dehumanize and torture the infidel that is shown by the terrorists and kidnappers in Iraq, is found on almost every page of the “holy” Koran. Muhammad, the teacher and model for all Moslems, was, quite simply, the greatest hater in history. As I’ve said before, the key to understanding him is that he was a successful Hitler. Hitler killed too many people too fast, and so was defeated and destroyed in 12 years. Like the Nazis, Muhammad and his successors embarked on a program of dehumanization and genocide, but they pursued it gradually and intermittently instead of all at once, and so the movement they created is still going strong after 1400 years. What a curse—what a curse on the world. Yet it is our inescapable fate to deal with this curse—to understand it and speak the truth about it, to combat it and drive it back, to put it in a situation where it cannot harm us, and never to let down our guard again.

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