The anti-white whites

In the previous entry, I quoted Dutch blogger Snouck Hurgronje’s entry about how Dutch police are tolerant of massive law breaking by Muslims, but see any response by ethnic Dutch against the Muslims as a dire threat that must be immediately crushed.

The attitude of the Dutch authorities reminds me of Ron Unz’s despicable concluding words in his November 1999 cover article in Commentary, “California and the End of White America”

America today stands as one of the very few examples in history of a large and successful multiethnic society. If we are to continue and extend our success—which is hardly foreordained—we can only do so by returning to the core principles of Propositions 209 and 227: ethnic assimilation, and individual equality under the law. Otherwise, we face the very real threat of future movements along the lines of Proposition 187, each worse than the last, and on a national scale. There are few forces that could so easily break America as the coming of white nationalism.

Unz, anti-white bigot, does not see the takeover of America by Hispanics as a threat to America. But he sees any effort by the American majority to stop that takeover as the worst possible threat to America.

And by the way what was that Proposition 187 which Unz condemns in such strong terms? It was a popular referendum which stated that illegal aliens should not receive state money and state services. That’s the model of the “white nationalism” which Unz sees as the “real threat” to this country.

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