Among blacks, the mindless sub-human violence that can—and in this case does—break out at any moment

A reader writes:

We were driving home from church around noon, and we had to go through an intersection near some Section 8 housing. It’s just sketchy enough to be on your guard, just in case, but it’s not da hood. In the parking lot of a fast food joint were three or four black guys, a white woman and a white man. As we pulled up to a red light, I commented, “Someone will dis someone, and a gun battle may break out.” A moment later my wife exclaimed, “Oh my goodness!” and I looked and two of the black guys were grappling on the ground and punching each other. One guy got the upper hand and managed to get up and started kicking. She said, “They were smiling just a moment ago!” As the light turned green and we did a drag race start, I said, “Just keep your head down and clear out. If they had guns, there’d be shooting now.” I wasn’t joking. She said, “Savages.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 19, 2012 10:22 AM | Send

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