The Daily Mail

Hannon writes:

I have noticed that not only do you cite the Daily Mail frequently but your readers do also. I find this most intriguing. For a while I have had a link to the Mail on my primary bookmarks header, along with Fox News. The latter is dreadful in many respects but still generally more satisfactory than MSNBC, ABC, CNN and the like. For the everyman, the Mail seems to be the best choice for daily news. Doesn’t the (apparent) primacy of this over-the-pond link seem a little strange?

Also, the comments on the Mail are usually written, apparently, by vastly more intelligent beings than the comments I find on the most popular U.S. news sites. Those same comments are often left by Americans. I find comments tell the reader what he needs to know about a publication very effectively.

LA replies:

Over and over, the Mail seems to be paying more attention to events in the U.S., especially events of non-politically correct nature, than any mainstream American outlet.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 27, 2011 07:09 AM | Send

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