Top black leaders are provokers of racial warfare against whites and should be named as such

There is a piece at Big about Rep. Andre Carson’s total lie that tea partiers had threatened him and his statement that they are white supremacists and a terrorist threat.

When various false charges are made against white conservatives, they should instantly bring forward the behavior of black leaders like Carson.

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Ben W. writes:

Your continuing coverage of this issue must be making Underground Black Man (used to be Undercover Black Man) squirm even more in fiery displeasure in Hades. Such is the Sisyphean nature of the racial animus, ever toiling and roiling in anger trying to move to the top and rolling down again into the depths…even as their minds dwell now in Tartarus. What circle would that be in Dante?

Paul K. writes:

Since accusations of racism are taken seriously and can ruin a man’s reputation and career, false accusations must be taken equally seriously and should be punished accordingly. This balance does not exist in Western societies today, but I would like a liberal to explain why it should not.

LA replies:

Very well put. This is the type of thing that conservatives should be saying all the time in mainstream media debate, but they never say it, because the moment a person said something like this, he would cease being a mainstream conservative and would become someone who was actually confronting the left and wrestling it to the ground instead of bouncing off it. And that is something mainstream conservatives are unwilling to do.

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