Honored conservatives with less than nothing to say

After a reader pointed out to me that I had incorrectly named R. Emmett Tyrrell as the coiner of the expression, “the Hive,” he sent me this comment, which is particularly relevant in light of the fiftieth anniversary of National Review that was celebrated last night at the White House:

Tyrrell used to be amusing in certain venues, at least in his “Continuing Crisis” feature in the old American Spectator, but offers no reason to read him now—he is on my list of “conservative” writers whose articles, if I ever read them, I am always afterwards sorry to have spent the mental energy doing so—preeminent among whom of course is the blithering William F. Buckley, Jr., whose astonishingly pointless columns are never anything more than wool-gathering and patrician attitudinizing and which have the extraordinary effect of almost sapping one’s will to live…

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 07, 2005 03:29 PM | Send

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