Meanwhile, also from, further depressing evidence that the Bush worshippers have learned … NOTHING

Why we miss Bush
We know it’s trivial but W’s flight suit
springs to mind

That’s Lucianne Goldberg, seven years and five months later, still savoring, without a hint of embarrassment or second thoughts, the erotic-political high point of her life, that moment of fascist perfection, when the victorious war leader strode across the aircraft carrier, the straps of his flight suit outlining his crotch.

* * *

Fortunately, along with the unreconstructed Bush adorers, there are a fair number of Bush critics in the Lucianne thread. That wouldn’t have been the case, say, five years ago. But eventually people began to wake up to him, even at

* * *

The article that made Lucianne dream once again of Bush in his crotch-bulging flight suit is a column by Victor Davis Hanson in the New York Post, “Why We Miss Bush.” After comparing Bush with Obama on point after point, it ends with this:

Who knows? At this rate America may play Brandon DeWilde to Bush’s Shane: Bush—come back, Bush, come back!

So Hanson, like Lucianne, is, finally, beyond correction. After all the disasters of the Bush years, the very disasters that brought on the far worse disasters of Obama, their bond with Bush, their uncritical personal identification with Bush, their hero worship of Bush, remains intact. It’s sickening.

And the most sickening part is, if a Republican gets elected in 2012, he or she could repeat the same errors as Bush or worse, and the Goldbergs and the Hansons will repeat the same worship. Sharing a polity with these neocon fanatics is a foretaste of hell, that place from which there is no hope of escape.

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