Prosecution rests case in Edwards trial

On the last day of the prosecution’s case in the John Edwards case, the prosecutors played his 20 minute interview on ABC’s Nightline on August 8, 2008 in which he repeatedly and absolutely denied that Rielle Hunter’s baby was his—a lie that everyone who had followed the story knew was a lie as he was saying it, and knew would be instantly exposed as one. Unfortunately for the prosecutors, telling pathological lies on national television is not a federal crime.

See the August 10 VFR entry, a full-length consideration of the facts of the case posted two days after the Nightline interview, in which I demonstrate how we knew that Rielle Hunter’s child was Edward’s. In a comment toward the end of the thread, I summed things up thus:

… Edwards is not merely a presidential candidate/adulterer who got caught, which is not out of the realm of normality. He’s nuts. He gave a half-hour interview on Nightline declaring that now he was telling the full truth about the affair when in reality he was repeatedly lying about things, including the financial support for Rielle, including probably his paternity, that he had to know would very soon be revealed as lies.

But, again, being nuts, or even having the most objectionable character in the universe, is not a federal crime.

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