Union Sundown: how municipal unions in a New Hampshire town threatened an official’s life when he tried to limit their ridiculous benefits

John Hagan writes:

The Wisconsin Civil War is indeed a war on the citizens of the United States by the public sector unions and their friends in what has become essentially the lawless Democratic party. I have a friend who was involved in local government in a small New Hampshire village. He stood up to the organized unions that covered the police, fire, and schools, and tried to limit the outrageous benefits that this small hamlet was paying its employees.

What happened to him was a lesson in terror. Union thugs started to call his home in the middle of the night and threaten his family. His car tires were slashed. He went to the local police for help, but of course there was no real progress in the case. Still he stayed on the town budget committees trying to serve the taxpayers of his town.

The calls still came in the night, but these calls were different, more menacing. The thugs descried what time his children left for school, what kind of clothes they had on and where his wife went shopping. That was too much for his wife, and she compelled my friend to leave public service. He reluctantly did so out of concern for the safety of his family.

This is just one story, in one small bucolic New Hampshire town. A town that’s been infected with the plague of the ever corrupt public employee unions that are raping American taxpayers.

On Friday night the governor of Wisconsin and Republican lawmakers were told their safety could no longer be guaranteed by the authorities, and that they needed to take precautions for themselves and their families.

LA replies:

Even the governor? Are you sure? The state police cannot guarantee the safety of the governor and are telling him that he is responsible for his own safety?

John Hagan replies:

I heard that the safety of Wisconsin lawmakers could not be guaranteed on Fox. Here’s some confirmation of that at the top of this written Fox alert.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: This is a FOX News Alert. Wisconsin lawmakers confirm the governor ordered armed officers to escort them and their staff out of the capitol. They were told the safety of state lawmakers cannot be guaranteed. Also new tonight, an emergency request for an injunction denied. A judge rules the court won’t order the teachers back to work. The teachers have been staging a sick-out.And at this hour, everyone in Madison and across Wisconsin is on edge, including the governor.

- end of initial entry -

Roland D. writes:

If the Wisconsin State Police say they can’t guarantee the safety of the governor, it’s time for him to call out the National Guard.

I’m surprised he hasn’t done it, already.

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