The answer to our Islam problem?

Islam realists are always wondering: What can wake up the West from its liberal delusions about Islam, so that it finally starts defending itself from its age-old Mohammedan adversary, instead of blindly continuing to help it, empower it, subsidize it, and surrender to it? Not that I expect this to happen, but the Koran riots offer us a glimpse into how the West might free itself from its shameful slavery. Consider what the New York Times says about the murder of two American soldiers in the Afghan Interior Ministry yesterday:

The killings, which happened within one of the most tightly secured areas of the ministry, add to the drumbeat of concern about a deepening animosity between civilians and militaries on both sides that have led to American and coalition forces being killed in increasing numbers even before the Koran burning ignited nationwide rioting.

And the decision to withdraw from the Afghan ministries suddenly called into question the coalition’s entire strategy of joint operations with Afghan forces across the country, although General Allen said NATO was still committed to fighting the war in Afghanistan. [Emphasis added.]

So it’s pretty straightforward. If our “allies” keep committing mayhem and threatening to kill us over a couple of books that were burned by accident, if they show themselves as simply too dangerous for us to be around them, the whole utopian project of West-Muslim cooperation could come crashing down.

As I’ve often said, we liberal Westerners are incapable, through a rational thinking process, of seeing the falsity of a false liberal belief (e.g. “Muslims desire freedom”) and renouncing it. Only immediately intolerable circumstances, brought on by liberalism, can bring us to that point. Such as, every time we involve ourselves with Muslims, they get “insulted” and start rioting. Such as, every time we station our soldiers in Islamic government ministries, they get shot in the head.

I do not wish for any American soldier to be killed by our Muslim “allies.” My wish is that no American soldier be stationed in any Muslim country. But when a nation insanely believes that its god-sworn enemies are its friends or potential friends, such deaths are both the inevitable consequence of that belief, and the only way that nation can wake up to reality.

The neocons always say that unless Muslim adopt freedom, we are doomed. The truth is the exact opposite. Unless Muslims keep rampaging against us, we are doomed.

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Paul Weston writes:

You state: “The neocons always say that unless Muslim adopt freedom, we are doomed. The truth is the exact opposite. Unless Muslims keep rampaging against us, we are doomed.”

This is exactly right. If they keep (or had kept) quiet, they could just slowly outbreed us and elect an Islamic leader. If they blow us up, it draws attention to them. Horrible to say, but If Britain had one major terrorist attack a year for five years, public pressure would ensure the politicians deported Islam en mass. Muslim violence is liberalism’s ONLY realistic wake up call. My advice to MI5 would be “stop stopping them from blowing us up.”

February 27

Jim P. writes:

My brother was deployed yesterday to Afghanistan (a couple more weeks for orientation here before flying to Bagram were he will be stationed) so your most recent remarks on the cosmic absurdity of calling “friends” people who randomly shoot you in the back was well timed.

Since he was notified of his deployment a couple months ago I (and my other brother) have been repeatedly pleading with him to stay alert to the point of not allowing any armed Afghan to walk behind lest I have to explain to his two young daughters one day why their father never came home. Can you imagine? Not, “well, your dad was on the frontline and a mortar dropped into his foxhole” but “your dad was with a friend just before he shot him.”

He’s gotten the message (and will be issued a sidearm) but also thankfully informed me yesterday that he flies into Bagram where he’ll be staying put for the duration in a classified area free of “friends.”

This hasn’t helped my mother or his wife at all but I’m trying to get them to see how good this is in light of the bigger picture in that hell hole.

Larry what kind of a military leader is General Allen that he doesn’t IMMEDIATELY place an unbreachable separation between our troops and their Afghan counterparts from now until we leave? Shouldn’t General 4-star be willing to fall on his sword to make sure this happens? Aren’t the men and women he oversees worth this small token in light of the sacrifices they’re already making?

I will be writing a letter to him but want it to be free of the kind of language that will make him feel at ease dismissing it.

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