Tom Tancredo says there is nothing to prevent the rapid passage of the Comprehensive National Suicide bill in the next Congress. This the very disaster I’ve been saying would happen if the Democrats won the House. It’s the disaster that could only have been avoided if the Republicans had run in this election on the idea that if they lost, this disaster would happen. But they did not run on that idea, and now it has happened.

By Stephen Dinan

President Bush yesterday said he will team up with Democrats to pass an immigration bill with a guest-worker program that his own party blocked this year, and his Republican opponents predicted a bloody intraparty fight but said they cannot stop such a bill from passing.

“We will fight it, we will lose. It will go to the Senate, it will pass. The president will sign it. And it will happen quickly because that’s one thing they know they can pass,” said Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican and chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus, who had led the opposition to a guest-worker plan. “I am absolutely horrified by this prospect, but I have to face reality.”

Mr. Bush supported a bipartisan majority in the Senate this year that passed a broad immigration bill including a new worker program and citizenship rights for millions of illegal aliens. But House Republicans blocked those efforts, calling them an amnesty, and instead forced through a bill to erect nearly 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Tuesday’s elections removed that obstacle by turning control of the House over to Democrats.

Yesterday, in an afternoon press conference, the president said he shares Democrats’ vision on immigration and will try again for a broad bill.

“There’s an issue where I believe we can find some common ground with the Democrats,” he said.

According to Reuters news agency, a spokesman for Mexican President Vicente Fox cheered Democrats’ success, saying it improves chances for getting a bill done. [Cont.]

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