Anti-Semite issues me a challenge

“Guessed Worker,” the owner of the anti-Semitic weblog Majority Rights who wrote to me the other day, has a blog entry addressed to me at MR. It’s the standard far-white anti-Semitic message: (1) The real cause of the West’s racial ills is the Jews. (2) The key to saving the West is that the European white majority must get rid of the Jews. (3) Getting rid of the Jews will somehow make the European whites strong and enable them to handle their other race enemies, something they will never be able to do while the Jews are around undermining them. And, finally, (4) if I, as a person of Jewish ancestry, do not agree with propositions 1, 2, and 3, that proves that I am a race enemy of European whites like the rest of the Jews; but if I as a racial Jew agree to the destruction or ejection of the Jews, that shows that I am A-Ok.

Apart from the evil and falsity of this, which I’ve commented on so many times there’s no need to go through it again, I want to draw attention to the sheer (I have to make up a word for this) LOSERDOM of it. Here are people supposedly concerned about saving our civilization from the racial and cultural threats that engulf it. We have at present a million non-Westerners pouring into America every year. There are tens of millions of immigrants now in the U.S., and as many as 20 million illegals, most of them Mexicans. Diversity is transforming America left and right. Mosques are popping up everywhere. Muslim advocacy groups are at this moment trying to pass legislation that would make it virtually impossible for security personnel to take Muslims aside in an airport for questioning. Europe already has 20 million Muslims and has no will to do anything about it. And yet, in the midst of this multidimensional disaster, all that the Jew-haters can think about is the Jews. The Jews are the cause of it all. It’s almost as if the actual problems we face are too big and complicated and hopeless for the anti-Semites, too difficult for them to get a handle on, so they settle on a familiar bogeyman to which they can relate. Muslims, Hispanics, etc., with whom the anti-Semites have little in common culturally, are not that interesting as enemies. But the Jews, the Chosenites, the Ancient Adversary, aah, there’s an enemy you can sink your teeth into.

I’ve often spoken of the Non-Islam Theories of Islamic Extremism, by which Western intellectuals come up with some familiar, Western problem, such as alienation, or inequality, or discrimination, or sexual repression, or low birth rates, or a loss of Western confidence, to explain the growth of Islamic extremism. Any explanation of Islamic extremism will do, so long as the explanation is not Islam itself. As a result, the proposers of these theories never have to propose doing anything about Islamic extremism. They just say, “Let’s fix this other problem, such as discrimination or lack of Western confidence, and that will somehow make the Islamic extremism go away by itself.”

Well, alongside the Non-Islam Theories of Islamic Extremism, I think there is a parallel psychology at work among the anti-Semites: the Non-Nonwhite Theory of Nonwhite Invasion. According to this logic, we don’t have to do anything about the non-Western engulfment of the Western world. All we have to do is demonize and marginalize and exclude or kill the Jews, and that will make the problem of Third-Worldization somehow go away by itself.

It would appear that the far-white anti-Semites are as loath to confront the reality of the non-Western Other as the liberals and neoconservatives are.

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Paul Nachman writes:

“Far-white.” Nice coinage!

LA replies:

That was a coinage of John Zmirak’s, in a draft of a futuristic novel he wrote in the 1990s about the split-up of America.

Michael Jose writes:

You write: “It’s almost as if the actual problems we face are too big and complicated and hopeless for the anti-Semites, too difficult for them to get a handle on, so they settle on a familiar bogeyman to which they can relate.”

I think that that is accurate. I think that a lot of people cannot fathom why white people are on a suicidal course, and if they can trace it all to a single cause, they have someone to lash out at.

It is always easier to have someone else to blame for one’s troubles, because it gives one someone to get revenge on.

A reader, JM, writes:

I followed the link in your “Anti-Semite issues me a challenge” post. I’m a little confused. It almost seems as if you’re discussing some post other than the one you’ve linked too. While I agree that “Guessedworker” is an anti-Semite and thus should be condemned, nowhere does he state what you claim he does. You write “(1) The real cause of the West’s racial ills is the Jews.” I see Guessedworker as plainly rejecting this position.

He writes “that order of play—liberalism <> the liberal elite <> the Jewish engagement—is fair, I think, and should tell you that “you people,” as you name us, possess a proper understanding of the West’s political and cultural woes. The next time you leap to your conclusion and feel the irresistible impulse to shout about how obsessed with Jewry we are, please entertain the smallest of doubts somewhere in your skull that you may, in fact, be wrong. You are wrong now.”

To my mind, his position is actually much closer to yours than you acknowledge. As he states in the quote above, liberalism is the primary problem, followed by the actions of the liberal elite. Jewish activism is the third greatest problem facing the West. This is a far cry from your claim #1. The rest of your argument doesn’t hold water if point # 1 is discarded, as I believe it must be.

I’m a big fan of your writing on immigration and Islam. I also believe that you are in the right on this particular debate. However, you’re clearly misrepresenting Guessedworker’s arguments, something that is inexcusable in any situation. I sincerely hope that this was an honest mistake on your part, and not intentional in any way. I hope to see you do better in the future.

LA replies:

Your reading of the article is superficial. You rely on his ambiguous early paragraph that seemed to identify the Jews as just one element in the real problem, liberalism, while you ignore his later paragraphs that make the Jews the whole problem—Jews, the authors of liberalism, Jews, the ethnic group that is at war with European Caucasians, Jews, the group that must be dispensed with for European Caucasians to survive.

Now read these two paragraphs by “Guessed Worker”:

Notwithstanding all the familiar hogwash fed daily to European Caucasians to negate our instincts and make us blind to one another we, too, are possessed of natural ethnic interests. And so are Jews, and those unidirectional Jewish-authored liberal philosophies, Jewish political activism and Jewish largesse that I mentioned are transparent expressions of that. One can see straight away from their divergent purpose that there is an unfathomably deep conflict with EC interests here. It is a conflict that Jewry has been winning hands down since the end of WW2, and that is not without the most profound consequences for the fate of the European world.

Now we arrive at the first of two vital questions, Lawrence. Can the creator peoples of Western Civ be pulled out of their liberal delusions sufficiently to save themselves and the Civ while their natural ethnic interests are denied them? Your whole worldview argues a “Yes” to that question because you can’t quite bring yourself to resolve that conflict of interests in our favour. That’s why I say you are painting yourself into a corner. Because, of course, the correct answer is “No.”

Further, because your reading is so superficial and misses “Guessed Worker’s”manifest anti-Semitism, I don’t believe you when you tell me that you agree with me except on that one point. I think you’re on “Guessed Worker’s” side.

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