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Sebastian writes:

I’m surprised you haven’t covered the story in the August 11 New York Times about an agreement by Westchester County in a federal suit to build or acquire hundreds of new housing units at its own expense to assure residential racial integration in every part of the county.

It seems to me this is a disturbing development. If you read the story closely, it makes clear the federal government is beginning to take a very active role in deciding who lives where. It’s forced integration that goes beyond busing. Obama is no fool. He really does mean to implement a comprehensive, revolutionary socialism. -

LA replies:

Yes, I read the article in the print version of the Times three days ago, drafted something on it, but have not finished it.

I’m not sure that it’s as bad as it seems, however, because what opened the county to this suit was their own request for federal housing dollars. As part of that request they made statements about their past efforts to end housing segregation that were arguable false, and this gave the plaintiff, the Anti-Discrimination something or other, the chance to sue the county.

If the county had not been seeking federal dollars for building its own housing (and why should a county be building its own housing? and why should the feds be buildng housing?), this whole thing wouldn’t have happened.

So it seems to me that this may be a special case, not typical or setting a precedent. But it’s a complicated situation and the outlines of it are not clear.

At the same time, I don’t dismiss the concern you raise, that the federal government seems to have in mind a much broader agenda of pushing total racial integration in every county, town, village, and block in America.

Sebastian replies:

Yeah, I did notice they opened the door to fed intervention by requesting money. But you know how good the feds are at creating situations in which a municipality is forced to become entangled with them. It doesn’t take much to run afoul of some fed regulation or other. We’ll see what happens. At least the bureaucrat’s statement makes clear the federal government’s intentions.

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