The inner Obama

It’s worth reminding ourselves where Obama comes from. Listen to the preacher who converted Obama to “Christianity” (actually a black racial religion of white demonology) and whom he devotedly followed for 20 years, treating him as the most influential and respected person in his life. Experience the hatred, the inexhaustible energy of hatred, being generated by Wright and received with such joy by his parishioners.

As I have said before, this same hatred lives in one form or another at every level of the black community. At the lowest level, it generates and justifies crimes of racial vengeance against whites, the wilding crimes in which whites are not just attacked and hurt, but obliterated, as the creature Curtis Vance obliterated Anne Pressly. At the highest level it is what drives Obama to attack America. It is what drives Obama and Holder to the inconceivable outrage of bringing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to New York City for trial. It is what drives Obama to bow low before the Japanese emperor, humiliating America. Obama hates America because he hates whites. Sure, he’s smooth and can play the other side of the street and come across as a normal political figure, and people keep falling for that. He goes back and forth, fooling those who want to be fooled. But the animus is part of his being.

When I say he hates whites, I don’t mean that Obama hates them as individuals. Not at all. His bitterness is against the white race generally, against what the white race means historically. As someone who is half white and half black, he is incapable of identifying with whiteness and wth the society created by whites. The only way he can relate to that society is in negative terms. He fulfils and empowers himself by denigrating, dragging down, and distancing himself from the political system and the culture created by white people. For example, it was white America that confronted Soviet Communism in the Cold War for 40 years and finally prevailed against it. Obama cannot relate to that struggle and that achievement. So he avoided the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and never says anything positive about America role in that conflict. He is alienated from America, and he expresses the alienation by bowing low to Saudi and Japanese monarchs.

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Tom H. writes:

You write, “As I have said before, this same hatred lives in one form or another at every level of the black community.” Have you noticed how this eternal hatred of America is etched into the face of almost every black actor, singer and rap artist? Think of Samuel L. Jackson, whose “fierce scowl” is imposed upon us by Hollywood. Or the black athlete, especially the black NFL player, who looks and plays like an assassin on the field. Or a Denzel Washington who’s face tells us that he’s succeeding by overcoming all manifestations of white racism subtly embodied in the government or CIA or FBI (most of his scripts are of this nature).

This “fierceness” and hatred has become the mark of the black man to be shoved in our face—to remind us that we are the ones who “createdd” this fierceness and aggression, which subsequently has become that which impels black “creativity.” Look at the black male on a bus or in the subway, who sits there glaring at white people, daring them to look his way or say something under this visual intimidation.

Jim Brown, ex-NFL player, wears a permanent mask of black aggression, grievance and hatred. As if he bears in his body the full weight of the American history of racial “oppression.” Read any black sports journalist (especially on ESPN) and one will notice that almost every article contains a comment (direct or indirect) on white racism in the history of American sports. It is there when black sports announcers say that a struggling young black quarterback has to be given a chance to develop while a struggling young white quarterback is simply no good.

This hatred is now permanently etched in the black persona. Conservatives are stupid to think that this hatred will ever be removed from the black spirit through government programs and social initiatives. Hatred is not palliated; it grows and grows, permanently embodying itself in a group or person.

LA replies:

I agree with what you’re saying. This scowling anger and hatred is both the life of their ego, and their meal ticket. It has become their essence. And it can only be halted by whites standing up for themselves. White liberalism, by constantly sending blacks the message that they should hate whites, has created infinitely more black hatred than segregation did.

P.S. A quibble on Samuel Jackson: he’s a good actor and capable of playing different kinds of roles, for example, the high school teacher he played in “187,” or the art restoration expert he played in a recent movie. So I don’t see him as someone who always projects racial anger. But your description does accurately apply to many others, like Denzel Washington. Every movie poster of Washington I’ve seen for the last 20 years projects Righteously Angry Magnificently Empowered Full of Himself Black Man Finally Getting Back His Own From White America.

Hannon writes:

Interesting comments on aspects of black public personalities. I would disagree about about Denzel Washington and Samuel Jackson, though, regardless of acting ability.

I saw Mr. Jackson on a talk show in the last two years or so in a moment where he showed some aggression against a remark from someone in the audience. The comment was of a racial nature but obviously meant to be friendly. Yet he started up suddenly like he was going after the guy and he seemed serious until he cut it off “mockingly”. I thought it made him look small and also put him in that odious category of men who feel they need to play thugs on and off the screen, such as Harvey Keitel, Mickey Rourke, etc.

In contrast, I’ve always thought of Denzel Washington as the “safe black choice”, no denigration intended. He has always struck me as immovably inoffensive, intelligent, mild-mannered and not at all menacing. The closest he got to “scary” that I’ve seen was in Training Day.

Van Wijk writes:

The only thing Obama despises more than the whiteness of America is the whiteness within himself. By purging the whiteness from the United States he believes, at least on a subconscious level, that he can purge his own whiteness.

Such are the dividends of the black man-white woman miscegenation.

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