Stepping outside the bounds of modern liberalism/conservatism

Concerning what she calls the Dissolve America Now bill, Diana West writes:

Why does the American political establishment—with few genuinely patriotic exceptions—want to destabilize the American nation? If this were a Democratic era—a Kerry presidency, a Reid Senate, a Pelosi House—I would understand. I wouldn’t like it any better, but the eradication of U.S. borders and, ultimately, the nation’s core European identity is the sort of policy that follows from the West-corroding multiculturalism once uniquely associated with the Left.

The nations’s core European identity. That’s one columnist in one respectable mainstream conservative newspaper who will acknowledge the truth about America, the truth that modern liberals and conservatives are sworn to deny and destroy. When that acknowledgment becomes truly respectable and mainstream, then America will have a chance to save itself.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 03, 2006 09:03 PM | Send

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