The leaks reveal, not a right-wing, murderous America, but a weak, liberal America

Jeff W. writes:
Subject: Bush’s ambassador to France blamed French whiteys for Muslim riots

FYI from Wikileaks.

“The real problem is the failure of white Christian France to view its dark-skinned and Muslim compatriots as citizens in their own right,” the U.S. embassy told Washington in a cable dated November 9, 2005. Craig Stapleton was U.S. ambassador to France under the administration of President George W. Bush.

LA replies:

Over and over, these leaks show the American leadership, not as mass murdering fascists (which is the way Julian Assange advertises the leaks), but as naive liberals, criticizing other countries for their insufficient liberalism. Or else they show America being lectured by other countries for its naive liberalism. Thus one leaked cable shows the Obama administration wanting to dump Guantanamo terrorists on Kuwait, and the Kuwaitis responding that these people are unregenerate killers and that what America ought to do with them is drop them back in the war zone in Afghanistan and kill them.

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