Republicans in their fated/chosen role as footmen of liberalism

Larry T. writes:

President Bush told CNN that Obama’s win is “good for our country.” Presumably, anything Obama does will be good for the country, too. If his election is good, his re-election should be better.

NEW YORK (CNN)—U.S. President George W. Bush has expressed regret that Republican presidential nominee John McCain did not win the presidency but called the election of Barack Obama “good for our country.”

Speaking to CNN in an interview Tuesday, Bush described Monday’s meeting with his successor at the White House as relaxed and said he offered the future president advice on the transition process.

“The election of Barack Obama is an historic moment for our country,” Bush said. “There are a lot of people in America who did not believe they would ever see this day.

“It is good for our country that people have hope in the system and feel vested in the future and President-elect Obama has a great opportunity,” Bush said.

“I really do wish him all the best. I am just as American as he is American, and it is good for our country that the president succeeds.”

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Ben W. writes:

So if a disabled, androgynous, Latino midget won the presidency that would be the apex of liberalism, the greatest thing to happen to the U.S. … No doubt the Bushman would rejoice.

Mark Jaws writes:

Why even quote this inane imbecile? For the most part, this mental midget has been mouthing moronic mantras his entire presidency. So, if Obama had been elected on a Che Guevara platform, would the Dolt-in-Chief still hail this as a good thing? It cannot get any worse than President Bush and John McCain.

LA replies:

Well, Bush is the president of the United States. That ought to count for something, shouldn’t it? … Uh, shouldn’t it?

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