What blacks believe

Reader Adam Taxin sent a video, “Nine-Year-Old Boy at Michelle Obama Rally: ‘If Mitt Romney Win, We’ll Be Going Back to the Crop Fields.’”

I replied:

That’s what they believe, and not just the cute nine year olds.

Adam Taxin replies:

Amen. Almost not newsworthy. That and the Jimmy Kimmel video annoy me. As if to normalize extreme black bigotry: “Aww, it’s just kind of cute.”

Adam continues:

Do you think I’m overreacting if I vote early in the morning on election day and then immediately drive seven hours to a friend’s property in a rural / Second Amendmentish part of central Virginia (near Lynchburg) to make a point (it will be made publicly) and avoid “urban unrest”?

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Terry Morris writes:

Adam deceives himself, in my opinion, that Romney is the probable winner in the upcoming. Could Romney win? Sure. If everything, and I mean everything, goes his way. Will Romney win? Unlikely.

Very likely there will be no reason to retreat to any “second-amendmentish” holdup. But if Adam is right, I will gladly eat my words.

LA replies:

He didn’t say Romney is the probable winner.

Terry Morris replies:

True. But isn’t that the implication of what he is saying when he pronounces that he plans to drive seven hours to avoid “urban unrest?”

LA replies:


JMC writes:

I don’t think Adam is deceiving himself at all.

In my experience as a Detroiter, it doesn’t matter whether the team wins or loses in the finals, there is usually civil unrest as a result.

David B. writes:

JMC is correct. It is not out of the realm of possibility for blacks to riot if Obama wins. If not riots, there may be an increase in “random” attacks on whites by blacks “celebrating” Obama’s victory.

November 3

RV writes:

The real problem is that we live in an era when anyone is horrified by the prospect of unemployed urban masses “working in the crop fields.”

Buck writes:

The Jimmy Kimmel video that Adam Taxin linked, which he says annoyed him, I thought was perfect. Granting that Kimmel is a comic and that the room was staged with extra black males who knew that and were predisposed to it, there was not even a hint of substance, just mockery of Romney and instinctive black solidarity. It was an all-black male chorus of pure unabashed racism without a hint of a question. Kimmel said that blacks vote 93 to 3 for Obama. On his show stage he said that “black voters overwhelmingly support Obama (to screams and cheers of joy); it makes sense.” So Kimmel, who may just be making hay with ignorant black folk, says to their faces that “it makes sense” that they all support Obama, with a tone of full agreement. He’s not going to challenge the utter and obvious hypocrisy and racism of that fact, even if he thought it, and the blacks love it.

In the packed shop, Kimmel asks if they will all vote. Kimmel jokes with one, obviously a convicted felon who admits that he can’t vote now, and with another about using drugs. Then he asks for a consensus from the room; not one, and none of any of their friends will vote for Romney for any reason. And, it’s obvious that there could never be any reason why they would not vote for a half-black Obama.

Of course, this is all a big joke on us. Who seems to be more confident and more sure of themselves in the modern United States? Us or these black men and the white liberal carnival barkers making money off of them, by putting the exhibits on display in their own barber shop?

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