Pelosi: space cadet or tyrant?

I spent some time watching talk TV this evening, and, boy, is the Ground Zero mosque dominating the conversation—if talking heads yapping at each other can be called conversation. The most remarkable development is Nancy Pelosi’s call to investigate the opponents of the mosque:

Pelosi told KCBS is San Francisco yesterday that she joins “those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded.” She added: “How is this being ginned up?”

On the face of it, it’s one of the wackiest statements ever heard from a high-ranking U.S. politician: shall all people who have positions on a public issue differing from Nancy Pelosi’s be investigated for their funding? It’s a formula for the abolition of speech, too ridiculous for anyone to imagine that Pelosi actually meant it. However, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin see something sinister in the remark, and I think they are right. Pelosi, they suggest, is not just being her usual madcap and distracted self. Beneath her silliness, she is a hardline leftist with a totalitarian bent: she is seeking to intimidate mosque opponents.

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N. writes:

This isn’t the first time Speaker Pelosi has said something that is close to tyrannical. Last year, in early August around the 10th or so she called protesters at town hall meetings “un American.”

I think that she should immediately convene hearings on the opponents of the 9/11 Victory Mosque. These should be televised in order that everyone can see exactly what Pelosi is up to, and who she is after.

Of course her investigatory committee simply must be called the House Un-American Activities Committee.

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