What an Engish Catholic priest tells his parishioners about Islam

Karen in England writes:

According to an RC acquaintance in London, her priest has told the flock that Moslems can be saved if they are good Moslems, although not if they are bombers because murder is mortal sin and thus a block to entering Purgatory. The priest has also taken some of the congregation to the local mosque to meet Moslems and pray with them and Moslems were invited to the church although none came. She was also told that good Hindus and Buddhists could be saved. Seems this is where Rome is heading.

This lady is a quite elderly Nigerian who has been a devout RC all her life and the priest has told her that Catholics must seek to bring about peace in the world and the only way this can be done is to get to know other faiths and meet the people who follow them. That is why she went to the mosque because she thought she had a moral duty to get to know Moslems personally and what they are about, because in Nigeria she had always considered them as demons and avoided them. The priest has said that this attitude is wrong and makes peace impossible and so she went to the mosque which she did not enjoy. The priest said some Hail Marys and prayers to Mary because the Moslems also recognise Mary as the Mother of Jesus. The priest has told the Moslems that Mary can redeem sin and rescue people from Purgatory, taking them to heaven….

I asked her if she thought the priest was evil taking her to a mosque to meet people she had regarded previously as demons and getting them all to pray to Mary and she said no. She really couldn’t see anything wrong with it. That is how effective the brainwashing is!

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