Let us not to the open marriage of true minds admit impediments

Daniel S. writes:

In this clip (at about 6:30) Mark Steyn observes that Newt Gingrich has an “open marriage with ideas.” He notes that he cannot stay “faithful to one idea” and is soon “fooling around” with others. Gingrich’s personal life is but a reflection of his mind.

LA replies:

Sounds right. But it raises the awkward (for Steyn) question, how would one describe Steyn’s relationship with ideas?
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10 p.m.

Leonard D. writes:

You wrote:

” … how would one describe Steyn’s relationship with ideas?”

Steyn is a pickup artist in the idea dating scene. He flirts with ideas, and will sleep with the hot ones, but he keeps a harem and won’t commit to any of them.

LA replies:

Hah hah hah hah hah.

I’ve had a very good day, and your e-mail tops it off.

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