The deification of Gore

Mark K. writes:

You might be interested in the deification of Al Gore in TIME magazine (an encomium by Bono, not Sonny). Some quotes from the article and my notes:

“Al Gore is the kind of leader these times require. Not as President—God and the Electoral College have given him a different job.”

God has given Al a role.

“Restoring faith in the U.S. as a moral powerhouse that can lead a great, global spiritual revival as the temperature rises. That’s right, a spiritual revival.”

The new spiritual revival led by Reverend Gore, in keeping with past American historical awakenings.

“For Al, 2008 is a rendezvous with destiny.”

“His language is pretty Biblical, but, then, doesn’t the Bible say something about floods? He is like an Old Testament prophet amped up with PowerPoint and an army of the world’s scientists at his disposal.”

Prophetic is Al!

“Desmond Tutu often uses the word ubuntu, meaning “I am because we are.” It’s my favorite epithet, an ode to interdependence. When I told Al that, he responded with Gandhi: Satyagraha, meaning “hold tight to the truth.””

Al is a master of spiritual discourse.

“As Al leaves our house, I fall over myself to explain that my fancy car runs on ethanol, then laugh nervously, like when you meet a parish priest in the supermarket and it turns into confession.”

Priest Al hears confessions.

“He leads from the front, and if some sheep in the family stray, he’s not stressed.”

He leadeth his sheep and they hear his voice …

“He has an almost embarrassing faith in the power of facts to persuade both believer and skeptic. His enduring and overarching trait is, as it turns out, the pursuit of truth … scientific truth, spiritual truth. That—and grace. Right now, he is an America the world needs to meet.”

Persuasion of both believer and skeptic. The unity of scientific and spiritual truth … and grace.

I believe Lawrence that we have now the leader the world “needs to meet” and the U.S. needs to elect. Away Hillary, Rudy, Huck … then unelected king and priest beckons us to a higher fate.

It is incumbent on you Lawrence to post this at VFR the way Luther posted his 95 Thesis at Wittenberg. A call to one and all! Thank you and may God, Bono, Tutu, and Satyagraha be with you this holiday season. And maybe Christ can be wedged in also somewhere down the line.

LA replies:

The frustration of Al Gore’s life-long Prime Directive to become President of the U.S. was so unbearable to him, that he could only deal with it by transcending the mere presidency of the U.S. and becoming God.

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