Brokebudget Mountain

For Obama and his allies, writes Michael Graham at the Boston Herald, Eric Massa-mania couldn’t be hitting at a worse time:

The problem isn’t Massa’s ridiculous claim that he was forced out of Congress because he opposes the health care bill. What hurts is that the Massa mess highlights the Obama administration’s desperation and incompetence on health care.

Candidate Obama pledged that health care reform would be bipartisan. “We are not going to pass universal health care with a 50-plus-one strategy,” he promised. A year ago Obamacare seemed inevitable. The GOP was declared DOA. And Eric Massa was an obscure New York congressman.

Today, Obamacare is barely clinging to life, and the administration is so desperate for votes that Rahm Emanuel is chasing reluctant Democrats naked through the curtainless showers of Capitol Hill.

* * *

That’s very funny, but in the interests of accuracy I have to correct Graham on something. The Emanuel-Massa shower encounter apparently took place a year ago, during debate on the budget bill, not during the more recent health care battles. Still, the story came out just now when the Obamathon is at its height, and it does capture the Demoncrats’ mad desperateness.

Also, the hilarious phrase “Brokebudget Mountain” comes from Graham’s column. When preparing this entry, I had originally quoted the paragraph it appears in, but it didn’t work and I took it out, then thought of using it as the title instead. Here’s the beginning of the column with the quote in context:

Naked bid for vote?

What to make of the Massa mess?

Naked congressmen, shower stall encounters, “tickle parties,” wraslin’ with the boys back at the condo—the Eric Massa story sounds like low-rent porn. “Brokebudget Mountain” or “Tickle Me, Rahm-Bo.”

Actually, I’m not sure even the porn industry would work with dialogue like this:

LARRY KING: “Are you gay?”

MASSA: “Ask my friends. Ask the 10,000 sailors I served with in the Navy.”

Well, 10,000 sailors can’t be wrong!

For those of us who oppose the Obamacare boondoggle, this is hilarious. But for President Barack Obama and his allies—including Massachusetts Democrats—Massa-mania couldn’t be hitting at a worse time….

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